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Pickinthebanjo - Ogramirad

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Adds 35+ Weapons from STALKER CoP to Fallout New Vegas

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R Weapons Pack v4.1 - By Pickinthebanjo

- IMPORTANT - Read the install notes and check the requirements tab

This weapons pack contains over 35 weapons ported from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat as well as modified weapons made from the weapons. Most of the weapons have been set up to use mod kits including scopes, silencers, larger mags, and more. The weapons all have icons in the pip-boy.

The mod also adds a new store to Freeside Central where you will be able to purchase the weapons contained in this mod. (Store may be hit or miss)

The weapons can also be found in the wasteland scattered around in rooms and other places or purchased from most vendors. they can also be found on most NPC's if you use the optional patches that Ogramirad has been working on. (Currently only SWP40Pistols but more to come)

The weapons added include:
Beretta M92/96
Beretta M93
Colt M1911
CZ VZ-58
CZ VZ-58 Compact
Desert Eagle
FN Browning High Power
FN F-2000 (Currently Removed until animations can be made)
H&K G-36
Guass Rifle
Grenades (F1, G45)
L85 Enfield
PM Makarov
Mosin Nagant
H&K MP5 (Fullstock and Collapsed)
RPG-7 (Scrapped Until Further Notice)
Sig 550
Sig 550 Carbine
SR-3 Vikhr
SVD Dragunov
SVU Dragunov
TOZ-34 (12ga and 20ga)
USP 45
Vintorez VSS
Walther P99
Winchester 1300 (Full and Carbine)

Installation and Requirments:

This mod does not have any requirements.

Pelinor's selective fire scripts will support this mod as well.

- Copy contents into New Vegas folder and enable the .esp with FOMM or the NV launcher

Load Order:

Stalker Weapons Pack should be placed early in your mod order to ensure full compatibility with most other mods.

Load Order:

1.) Fallout New Vegas.esm (Requires Latest version)
2.) S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Weapons Pack.esm
3.) SWP40Patch01 (Required)
4.) SWP40Pistols (Optional)

Compatibility and Conflicts:

All weapons and mod-kits have been added to Gunrunners and most vendors. This should not cause any compatibility issues.

If you are using a mod that alters the unused buildings contained in freeside central than this mod will cause a conflict since the vendor setup to sell the weapons contained in this pack is setup in one of the unused buildings.

The weapons with Foregrips have been setup to use Handgrip 4 from Joefox's animation replacer pack, I have not included the animations but they can be found on the nexus in Joefox's animation replacer pack.

This mod should be fully compatible with most other mods.

Report All Bugs in the Bug Reports discussion thread. Please do not report in the comment page, it makes it difficult to track down bugs when updating.

Update Log:
- 03/04/2012 - Updated various models/textures, corrected non-functional reticles.
- 09/11/2011 - Massive update to all aspects of the mod, PM for exact details
- 29/07/2011 - Made better camo Textures, Corrected AKSu Scope, Corrected Winchester Scope.
- 03/07/2011 - Updated to 3.6 - AN-94 has new sight as well as silencer mod-kit, SR-3 Vikhr added, AK-74 synthetic retextured, Gauss rifle updated, VAL action/bolt has been fully animated, merchant containers have been added for most merchants, and more.
- 22/06/2011 - Removed select fire patch. Pelinor's Selective fire mod has support for STALKER Weapons Pack.
- 21/06/2011 - Updated CaliberX patch to 3.5 - Includes only .esp now
- 20/06/2011 - Updated to v3.5 - Includes VZ-58, Improved SIG 550 Compact, Fixes for missing scope textures.
- 07/06/2011 - Updated to v3.4 - Includes Mosin Nagant
- 25/05/2011 - Increased weapon condition values and fixed Gauss Rifle's missing scope mesh/texture.
- 15/04/2011 - Massive update containing many fixes as well as over fifty new weapon variants and new weapons. The weapons were added to vender's as well.
- 17/02/2011 - Updated SVD and Groza, Groza now uses a bullpup animation. RPK Synthetic texture fix.
- 18/02/2011 - Update 3 adds L85 animated with bullpup animation. Fixes slanted RG-6 Sight.
- 04/03/2011 - Massive update, includes GL scripts, normal maps, new weapon variants, new textures.
- 29/03/2011 - Updated to 2.1. Combines main file and update for single download, fixes SAS-12 sights, fixes AN-94 Abakan sights, corrects FOV for all weapons, sets weight to 0lbs for GP-25/M203, adds 30rd mag modification for folded VAL.
- 05/04/2011 - Updated to v2.2 - added missing ammo meshes/textures as well as updating a couple other small issues.
- 05/04/2011 - Uploaded FOMod Version for easier install/uninstall.