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The Midwest Brotherhoon are pushing back West Again.

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Minor upload - Added an esp file with a new weapon: EPR - 57 Plasma Gatling Cannon by martyr777 -

The purpose of this file is for people to test out all contents of this file to check for any bugs, missing meshes or textures or any incompatabilities. I downloaded this myself but found no such faults.

Please download this new file and please detail any missing meshes, textures, glitches and what not. I repeat: I have found NO problems with my file as everything works fine.



Midwest BoS Faction 2.0

To save people hassle, I, DrakenGuard have merged all the available files into one Master file again. This is hopfully all you need.


Note: Now that V1.5 is out you no longer need to use the esp update, but you must install the files in the correct order witch is:

1) Midwestern Brotherhood Core file
2) Arkaan PA texture fix and added Female Veriant
3) V_1dot5_Core_Update_Fixed

========The Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel Intro=========

Hi, This is my first but is no way simple mod, that I am trying to add to the Mojave Desert.

These BoS are different compared to the Vanilla BoS are are infact actively seeking recruits and also Expansion.

I admit Im unsure in whitch direction to go with this Mod so I do need some help and ideas.

CaesarInvicicus has already given me alot of Faction interaction Scenarios.

The ideas and cencepts will be added into the File if your interested in that. Thank you CaesarInvicticus.

"Ave, True to Caesar."

Anyway back ad hand. Currently this is Version one that is going to serve as the Main Core file currently witch I will have Esp updates when ever possible BUT I would like to assemble a team of modders.

Yes, yes I seen it before that people wish to create projects but they are left unfinished or it is taken down for what reason. I do aim to not create that.

=== What this Mod does in V1 ====

Currently it adds a Guarded Bunker north of New Vegas, check the screenshots for exact location.

These BoS are not hostile, even if you side with the NCR and wear thier Armor.

I have tested this myself and these BoS are nutral to you, even if your a Member of the NCR or BoS as they will NOT side with you if you are under attack.

I plan to create some sort of interaction with the Vanilla and Midwest BoS some how but, like I said I need help.

This adds a large arrange of Custom Weapons with own models, textures and Fire sounds, most of the weapons are from DaiShiHUN who has freely given me permission to use all his resources. I not made complete usage of the Weapons as some have scripting with them in witch I was not able to merge the esps, due to something conflicting with the NV Plugin esp Merger and I cant recreate the weapons and thier scripting in GECK as I simply dont know how.

This also adds the brilliant Midwestern Power Armor veriations created by Hereticus+DaiShi+AnOneTwo

The Standard Version Midwestern Power Armor and the Advanced Version. I think the Advanced Version looks like DaiShi's Tesla Armor vamped up. That is also in the Mod.

Arkaan, creator of another brilliant Midwestern Power Armor veriation has also allowed me to use his file. I am happy of this outcome and making use of it along side DaiShi and gangs.

Oh Yes, The Midwestern Brotherhood have HUMMERS too, check the screenshots.

Lastly but not leastly, I am using LORD DARIUS13's Brotherhood Metal armor resoure here: - saves me some time creating my own.

***SideNote: The Mod known as *Mojave Enclave Patrols* located here

Places a base of sorts pretty close of the Midwest Bunker to the West. Its not conflicting BUT may prove entertaining to see the Midwest BoS go up against the Enclave but there is aLOT of Enclave troops there.

==List of Armorin V1==
Brotherhood Metal Armor

MidWest Power Armor Professional Edition

Arkaan's Midwestern Power Armor

Classic Tesla Metal Armor


===List of Weapons in V1===
Classic Flamer Pistol (Lobber Version)

Classic Glock 86 Plasma Pistol (normal and Ex. Clip)

Classic HK L30 Gatling Laser ( Backpacked Version )I like the Backpacks on miniguns and the lick as its adds to the "Walking tank" If you dont like it, oh well.

Classic Plasma Grenade

Classic Yuma Flats YK42B Pulse Rifle (Fallout 1 & 2 Version)

(My personal favorites) P-94 Plasma Rilfes (Both Standard and Turbo Editions)

ALl DaiShiHUN's work.
Other Weapons used are:

Clint1337Wood's M60 -The Pig-

Zealotlees MP5 Pack ( Only 2 weapons hk MP5k and MP5a4)

Echo Energy SMG

svartberg's Brilliant Plasma Pistol and Rifle

Blades of the Brotherhood - Captain-Ultima

THESE ARE NON-REPLACERS - I have tried to get all the weapons to be like thier original Fallout 1, 2 and tactics specs as close as possible too.

====Clutter and items used in V1====

Redline_C64's Hummer Resource - I will make a retexture of this so its more Lore friendly and it is owned by the Midwestern Brotherhood.

Something like this:

Does not replace anything ingame.

I dont like replacers Unless they are an improvement on the original item, armor or body.

====V 2.0 Changes =======

Nothing as of yet but I, Draken, merged all the current files into a Single Core file (Not .Esm) So to save time and energy plus confusion. Please report any bugs.


====V 1.5 Changes Made====

Now that V1.5 is out you no longer need to use the esp update, but you must install the files in the correct order witch is:

1) Midwestern Brotherhood Core file
2) Arkaan PA texture fix and added Female Veriant
3) V_1dot5_Core_Update_Fixed

V 1.5 is a bridge update it includes some refinement of the exterior of the bunker, some armour changes i.e. Female meshes, Iron sights for the weapons included but its main point is to be a stepping stone to V 2. esp

====Changes in V 1.5====
this is for quick reference

-Altered exterior of bunker
-Female meshes to all power armor included
-Iron sighted weapons included
-BoS leather armor (File only, will be implemented in V 2 esp)

not many changes there but they are important game play and editing wise


Authors of Mod resources used.


And the Testers and users who helped me and inspired me with ideas.

Ark.. something.. Sorry I forget your username.
CaesarInvicticus for the brilliant Faction interactions concepts.

And Me, DrakenGuard who assembled this AND creating the Recruitment posters dotted around the Mojave desert.

Hope you like this.


Note: I did not rebuild this from scratch but merged existing esp's of mods like the Midwestern Power Armors by Daishi and gang witch adds thier Power Armor version in the same places as the original file does. I will fix this.

Also the same items of the mods used are also placed in the same areas so expect duplicate items if you have this file and the original version. Ill fix this aswell.

Now thats a lot of typing.

For use with the general Story development itself of the Mod.

By a Polite user who gave me surrgestions:

"The Midwest Brotherhood came to New Vegas for:

1.Test Advanced Technology, Weaponry, Security Engineering.

2.Provide Support to Local Settlements.

3.Claim HELIOS One.

4.Recruit local Population to reinforce their Chapter's Garrison.

5.Researching and improving weapons and defensive systems.

6.Expansion in the Mojave Wasteland.

Suggestive Improvements:

?Player Rank.

?Gain Control of the Chapter as their New Midwest Elder.

?Command your Chapter to Expand/Research/Capture/Raid.

?Recruit Locals and command them like companions.

?Develop unique Defence systems for your Chapter's Bunkers and HQ.

◦Help Scribes and Engineers, Research/Test/Develop Enclave-like Tech and Weaponry, Construct Companion Robots, with parts and devices on your Bunkers and HQ Workshops.

◦Send your Chapter to Raid Enemy Factions (Relationship Control)

◦Send your Chapter to Protect Ally Factions and Settlements and Gain Caps for your services (Relationship Control)

◦Enemy Faction Raids.

?Relationship Control
For choosing how your Chapter will react/behave to local Factions. Note: This Option is for chaging Chapter behavior with Legion, NCR and other Factions, how they will react on contact, you as the Chapter's Elder, can change how your Brothers can behave, if NCR is your Enemy Change: NCR: Ally {} Neutral {} Enemy {x}


CaesarInvitcus Surrgestions as well:

Has helped with a structure to a possible storyline of teh BoS with mulitble choice endings on who you are yourself.

Have a gangder:

"I havent played many other fallout games, but as I understand it:

MidWest BOS are more open minded about aiding factions. I imagine if they had good reason (IE: they had some kind of strong motivation) to help one faction or the other they would. They arent like the normal BoS in that they worship techonology to the point of fanaticism- these guys are more likely to survive where the old BoS order is dying off. The Mid-west BoS come from a relatively strong power base in (you guessed it,) elements of the mid-western states located "sort of" near the california coast. Check the vault wiki on them for more details.

They seem to be much more militant in their activities compared to old school BoS troops that only patrol the wastes in search of tech.

Because the mid-west BoS dont place as high an emphasis on the gathering and conservation of technology, they would have less power armor suits. Recruits and auxilliaries likely outnumber the knights and paladins of these BoS by now, and an expeditionary force in the mojave likely would be comprised of perhaps two platoons of actual BoS Knights/paladins, and about 3-4 platoons of these "recruits"- who would probably be wearing anything from metal, to combat armor.

NCR reasons for supporting the mid-west BoS:
-"enemy of my enemy is my friend" mindset- the mid west could be persuaded to wage war on the legion, thus improving NCR odds, and their quarreling with BoS forces could be useful as it would allow BoS bases previously hidden to be located and destroyed with mid-west intel. Alternatively mid-west BoS forces might end up destroying their counterparts themselves with NCR help

-The mid west DO have power armor, and appear to have a means of creating new suits (which is slow and meticulous, im sure), and the NCR does need technology in its fight.

LEGION reasons for supporting the mid-west
-Caesar might take a personal interest in them
-Depending on where you locate them, Caesar may be interested in using them to flank major NCR frontlines, and use them to strike in the NCR's flank or rear and wreak havoc.
-Caesar might be persuaded to give up on his hatred of technology (would require a high speech check) in which case he allies himself with the midwest to better gain technology and knowledge.
-Most of Caesars forces are generally incompetent, the mid west could help fill a niche in the Legion battleline as elite assault infantry- a role that caesars own forces more often than not fail at due to lack of professional training, protective gear, and weaponry.

MR.HOUSE reasons for supporting mid west BoS:
-Competent soldiers, an excellent way to keep the clans of vegas in line- securitrons would not be able to hold back all four at once.
-Access to a large swath of territory to lord over and subtly influence
-potentially useful technology ? artifacts ?
-tips the balance of power further in houses' favor.

YES MAN reasons:
-You happen to like the BoS and would like to see them have a presence in NV
-You make a deal to help keep the clans in line in exchange for allowing the midwest BoS access to new vegas (perhaps replacing the old ncr embassy, or something)
-Having a large dominion support your rise to power always helps legitimize it
-Mid-West BoS forces become your own personal army through careful political maneuvreing that sees you become chapter master of the Mojave Mid-west BoS chapter (see below)

IDEA: becoming chapter master of the Mojave Mid-west BOS:
Done by completing a long quest chain, at the conclusion of which you can decide to leave the current chapter master in his place and make him your puppet, submit your fealty to the current chapter master and recieve some kind of benefit and become his right hand man, or kill him and declare yourself chapter master. when you do this, you get to align the faction yourself, letting you choose to help out NCR, legion, or whatever.

Thats all i got, im too tired for more ideas !"

======Legal and usage=======

Absolutely NO redistribution of this file anywhere else. If you wish to use aspects of this mod, please refer to the original files of the mods such as DaiShiHUN's weapons as they are free to use whist credit should be given.

Contact me if you do wish to host this eslewhere and Ill ask the authors if this is ok.

I will how ever give my Poster textures as a Modder's resouce if thats anything


To Install, place the contents into the C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas\Data and click the esp with the NVMM or equilelent.


And sorry for the long description and details. Just I wanted be be crystal clear regarding this and what it does.

=====Team members ====

LORD DARIUS13 - Author of the Brotherhood Metal Armor.

Voice Actors who offered to share thier Voice:
And DrakenGuard (if my Voice is good enough anyway.)

**Note: First I will need to organise some sort of webpage or something in order to better Organise and Plan this, I will send Messages to all the Team members soon enough.)