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  1. resolution202
    • member
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    Do you know if it’s compatible with Enhanced NPC awareness?

  2. candedspam
    • member
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    What this mod needs is MCM configuration options to fix the issues of companions running off and over-aggression, the more settings the better, but something is better than nothing for configuration.

    Most people won't give this a second look with reviews like: "This is an abandoned mod that's ridden with bugs, and causes hostile NPCs that zerg like they have a death wish (obviously not immersive). Don't install this!"

    I would love for combat to be more difficult in an immersive way, some running away to re-position is fine, and having things like a wounded npc hide behind something to try to ambush you would be something I would love to see..or any immersive additions to the combat AI at all would do A LOT to improve the quality of the game overall.. But I would rather have changes like these be small and not overly noticeable than to overextend and change too much too much :3

    If someone could manually just edit some values to improve this, I would be very interested in this. Better yet would be to add an MCM menu with those values. Would love for someone to pick this project up!

    ps: LOL at the EVE Online portrait for the mods picture xD
  3. wasteraider693
    • supporter
    • 120 posts
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    I like the mod, but three major issues

    1) Companions will run around trying to find better weapons, so if I designate Boone for sniping, he'll still run for a grease gun because its DPS is higher, or if I want someone to use a Pistol, pretty much any weapon will override it.

    2) AI is much more prone to fleeing and running away which is pretty irritating

    3) Companions have this new hunter like Instinct where they chase down every enemy they can find and wonder off to pursue them no matter what, which means if it's a weak companion like Arcade Gannon, they die incredibly quick

    If you can propose a solution to all of these, it would make this pretty much the best AI mod on the Nexus
  4. KaptainCnucklz
    • premium
    • 1,591 posts
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    This is an abandoned mod that's ridden with bugs, and causes hostile NPCs that zerg like they have a death wish (obviously not immersive). Don't install this!
  5. Aspari
    • member
    • 61 posts
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    Enemies are still zerg rushing me like idiots. What do?
  6. ovanmaru
    • member
    • 291 posts
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    Nvm, it was another mod giving me trouble XD
  7. irswat
    • premium
    • 1,651 posts
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    enemies just stand there?
  8. Vorador1980
    • member
    • 654 posts
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    This is one extremely versatile and useful mod, compatible with almost all of Xodarap777 (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/39058/?) mods, if arranged before it in the load order. Except the complete Overhaul. The enemies became more active, aim more /and hit often/, they move a lot and are no longer sitting ducks for a sniper. Not only the enemies, but also any NPC arround may steal the gun from the nearest corpse. Even if my char made the kill /laugh/. Beware! The change of the very behaviour pattern is quite easy noticeable and make excellent impression, also make the combat more entertaining and complex. Also completely compatible with New Vegas Replayability by Dandys
    (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/37252/?), NCR. Legion, Followers, Raiders overhauls and all mods additing NPC/weapons/armors in the game.
    Very impressive work. Irreplaceable mod.

    Sincerely yours
  9. Neuronyx
    • supporter
    • 95 posts
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    Does anyone know if this works alongside Realistic Battle and Dynamic Combat?
    1. Vorador1980
      • member
      • 654 posts
      • 5 kudos
      It doesn`t work.
  10. Shidentora
    • member
    • 1,473 posts
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    A gun to ya head,
    the trigger - ya dead!
    'N from yer twitching foot,
    there falls off yer boot!
    The grinning Fiend,
    Is thy end.