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Restores various Fallout 3 (and DLC) weapons which were partially included in New Vegas. Includes crafted weapons and schematics.

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WARNING: Uninstalling this mod partway through a game may cause the program to crash. This MAY have been fixed by the recent v1.2.0.352 patch, but be careful all the same.

ADDITIONAL WARNING: Do not use the ''Master Update'' function in FNVEdit with this mod. This will prevent this mod from working (for reasons unknown).

PROTIP, BROCHACHO: Create a Merged Patch with FNVEdit when using this mod, ESPECIALLY if you are using it with WMX. Some people report not finding any of the Fallout 3 weapon mods available for sale until they do so.

SECOND PROTIP: To ensure maximum compatibility with the Rock-It Launcher, download the ''Rock-It Launcher Ammo List Force Override'' from the Optional Files section and place it at the end of your load order.
UPDATE v0.8.1: THE ROCK-IT LAUNCHER IS BACK. Thanks to my frequent teammates at A Tale of Two Wastelands, I've been able to get this thing working again. It's not 100% perfect, but the important bit - the part where you load miscellaneous weapons into it as ammo - still works just fine.

Also fixed a problem where the Boomer Munitions Manager wouldn't always sell the schematics for Nuka-Grenades, since his inventory seems to reset at truly random times. I've fixed the issue by placing the schematics in world and marked them as owned by him, so that he will sell them.

I also tweaked the damage stats on some weapons. Specifically, I upped the damage on the Assault Rifle and Chinese Assault Rifle slightly to make them more competitive, added the ''Ignores DT/DR'' effect to the Microwave Emitter, and moved the critical hit damage/chance bonuses on the .22 Revolver up to 2x and 3x, respectively, to match other .22LR weapons.

Also fixed the incremental updater, which wasn't working right on newer, faster systems. There will be a message displayed to let you know the update has been processed correctly.


This is a mod (one of a growing number) which restores a large number of weapons which did not make it from Fallout 3 (and its DLC) to Fallout: New Vegas. The resources for all of these weapons were included in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas, but (for the most part) were not used. I'm not a big fan of anything with unrealized potential, so I was rather interested in getting these weapons back into the game.

All weapons have been fully integrated into New Vegas, including the appropriate Form Lists and Leveled Item Lists. What this means is that NPCs who do not have fixed, non-random inventories may carry one of these newly restored weapons. It also means that many of these weapons work with New Vegas perks such as Cowboy or The Professional. Some weapons are also classified as Holdout Weapons, meaning they can be brought into casinos unnoticed.

This mod does NOT stop with just the standard collection of Fallout 3 weapons: it also brings back weapons from Fallout 3 DLC packs, as well as CRAFTED weapons such as the Railway Rifle or Nuka-Grenades. For the latter, the schematics for these weapons have been brought back as well.

This mod is a continuation of another mod started by Wreckless1. Due to real life concerns he was forced to drop out of actively developing his version of the mod, and was classy enough to give anybody who was willing permission to use what he'd done as a starting point. A lot of thanks go to him. His original project can be found here: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=35937

Additional thanks go to Lord Darius13, who has provided the edited weapon meshes which provide proper iron sights as well as the modified texture for the Lever-Action Rifle. In particular, he actually listened when a certain someone posted something mentioning how awesome the Lever-Action Rifle was, and how much of a shame it was that the texture wasn't in New Vegas' resources. His models come from this mod: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=36571

And another bit of thanks goes to antistar (of WMX fame), who provided me with updated meshes to use for cross-compatibility with his Weapon Mods Expanded mod. He also let me use two additional iron sight-corrected meshes as part of this mod. If you would like to check out Weapon Mods Expanded (and I highly suggest you do) you can find it here: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=39651

Finally, Linerunner created some VERY precise iron-sight corrected meshes for the Assault Rifle and Chinese Assault Rifle in an earlier version of Classic Fallout Weapons for New Vegas. Because he's awesome and allows people to reuse his assets (with credit) I was able to include them in this mod. You should check out Classic Fallout Weapons for New Vegas, especially if you miss any of the other weapons from previous entries in the Fallout series. CFWNV can be found here: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=37002


- .22 REVOLVER (.32 Pistol)
- DART GUN (and Schematics)
- DEATHCLAW GAUNTLET (and Schematics)
- NUKA-GRENADE (and Schematics)
- RAILWAY RIFLE (and Schematics)
- REPLICA REPEATER (Lincoln's Repeater) [UNIQUE]
- ROCK-IT LAUNCHER (and Schematics)


All of these weapons (and ammo and schematics) use the SAME FORMID as their Fallout 3 versions. Yes, that's right, the EXACT SAME FormID, WITHOUT A MOD PREFIX. That means to give yourself a Chinese Assault Rifle you type ''player.additem 80b 1''.

For weapons which originally came from Fallout 3 DLC, the FormIDs are the same but use the same prefix (since the DLC versions used a prefix). For example, if you want to give yourself an Alien Atomizer (and this mod loads second in your load order) you would type ''player.additem 0100083f 1'' into the console. Anchorage-specific versions use the ''Wasteland'' FormID, if there was one, and the ''Sim'' FormID otherwise.

Why did I go out of my way to do this? Two reasons: so you can look items up on the Fallout Wiki using Steam's in-game web browser, and because I could. Not sure which was the larger motivation.

The full list of FormIDs is as follows:

0002936E - Dart
00029384 - Railway Spike
xx00160c - Alien Power Module

--Fallout 3 Weapons--
0000080a - .32 Pistol/.22 Revolver
0001ffec - Assault Rifle
0000080b - Chinese Assault Rifle
0002b3cb - Chinese Officer's Sword
00004325 - Chinese Pistol
00004327 - Combat Shotgun
0000432a - Dart Gun
0000432b - Deathclaw Gauntlet
0003c07a - Lincoln's Repeater/Replica Repeater
00004342 - Nuka-Grenade
00004348 - Railway Rifle
0000434b - Rock-It Launcher

--DLC Weapons--
(Replace ''xx'' with the number indicating the load order of this mod)
xx00c06c - 10mm Alloy Steel Pistol
xx00c0c6 - 10mm Alloy Steel Pistol (duplicate)
xx00083f - Alien Atomizer
xx000842 - Alien Disintegrator
xx00c06e - Alloy Steel Assault Rifle
xx00c7c2 - Alloy Steel Combat Shotgun
xx0032e1 - Auto Axe
xx00a9dd - Captain's Sidearm
xx007473 - Double-Barrel Shotgun
xx00c070 - Dragoon Assault Rifle
xx00c071 - Dragoon Pistol
xx003f40 - Dragoon Sword
xx00737c - Infiltrator
xx0088de - Lever-Action Rifle
xx00c1c3 - Microwave Emitter
xx00083d - Shock Baton

000baffa - Schematics - Dart Gun
000baffc - Schematics - Deathclaw Gauntlet
000baffd - Schematics - Nuka-Grenade
000baffe - Schematics - Railway Rifle
000bb000 - Schematics - Shishkebab


- ''Why does weapon X work/sound/behave differently?''

This varies from weapon to weapon, but in general its one of three things: missing resources, balancing for the new DT system, or common-sense changes. For full explanations you can check the ''WEAPON CHANGES FROM FALLOUT 3'' section, located below.

- ''Your mod has a BSA file AND meshes (.nif) in separate folders.''

I tried to put everything necessary for this mod into a single BSA file, but New Vegas doesn't like to override existing meshes which are part of a BSA file. This is a problem for using the new, iron sight-corrected models for Fallout 3 weapons. Because of this, the updated meshes are stored separately.

Most of you are probably using FOMM, so this won't be much of an issue if you decide to uninstall the mod. Those of you who aren't shouldn't worry too much: these meshes were updated in order to fix problems with the originals, and leaving them installed can only make things BETTER, not worse.

- ''You should totally give Weapon X a weapon mod that does Y''

I won't be adding mod capability to these weapons as part of the BASE mod. However, I HAVE provided a compatibility patch for use with the Weapon Mods Expanded mod, which enables modification of these weapons.

- ''Will you add Unique Weapon X from Fallout 3?''

Probably not. I explain this in better detail down in the ''WEAPONS THAT *ARE NOT* IN THIS MOD'' section, but the short version is that the Fallout 3 unique weapons were mostly just identical-in-appearance weapons with tweaked stats which were very specific to certain areas or plot points. I don't want to clutter the Mojave Wasteland with samey ''uniques'' that were kludged into the game.

Still, I do have a certain fondness for some of the uniques from Fallout 3, and for a few I've tried to make my uniques close to them in functionality (e.g. the Dragoon Assault Rifle has a damage boost like the Xuanlong Assault Rifle from Fallout 3). The other thing I've done is made it possible to modify certain weapons to be similar (stat-wise) to their unique counterparts, provided you have Weapon Mods Expanded installed.


- ALL WEAPONS (mostly)
- Increased damage

Because of the transition from a Damage Reduction-based system to a Damage Threshold-based system, average weapon damaged increased in New Vegas. You can see this comparing the few weapons which were in both games, e.g. the Minigun, Gauss Rifle, etc.

A few weapons do not have increased damage: the Dart Gun, Lincoln's Repeater/Replica Repeater, the Microwave Emitter, and Nuka-Grenades. The Dart Gun isn't really about damage so much as the special effects it causes, and the rest of the weapons DO NOT need to do any more damage considering how powerful they are already.

- .32 PISTOL
- Bonus critical chance
- Bonus critical damage
- Different caliber
- Different name (.22 Revolver)

To get this out of the way quickly, there is no .32 caliber ammunition in Fallout: New Vegas, and I'm not inclined to add some just for a single, lousy gun, and particularly a low-quality one at that. .357 seemed an appropriate adaptation... at first anyway. Then I started thinking about it and realized the need for ANOTHER .357 revolver was kind of low. I briefly considered making the weapon a .22LR weapon, but thought the ammunition was too weak to support that... at least, until the patch came out. Once .22LR weapons were given the "3x critical chance/2x critical damage" combo it seemed more appropriate.

The result is that the .32 Pistol is now the .22 Revolver.

- Higher melee strike rate
- Bonus critical chance

In early versions of this mod the Auto Axe was set up to ingore Damage Threshold, to better differentiate it from the Chainsaw and Thermic Lance. Then the patch came along and gave both those weapons the ''Ignore DT'' ability, which made the Auto Axe just plain suck compared to the new versions.

The current version of the Auto Axe does NOT ignore DT and has a lower base damage than the Chainsaw or Thermic Lance, but has a doubled strike rate (and higher DPS) compared to those weapons as well as a 2x critical chance multiplier. This makes the weapon especially deadly outside of V.A.T.S., where critical hits can stack up quickly. Within V.A.T.S. it also has a special Melee attack - Man Opener - which may knock down enemies.

- Different firing sound

The tell-tale firing sound of the Chinese Assault Rifle didn't make it from Fallout 3 to Fallout New Vegas, much to my dismay. I'm sure that, like me, for a lot of you that sound was music to your ears, calming and soothing in a way you can't quite define. Okay, maybe you can define it, specifically ''all those things I hate will die now.'' Either way, the resources aren't there, so there's nothing to be done other than use a different firing noise. In this case the weapon now uses the same firing noise as the Assault Carbine.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you have Fallout 3 you can restore the old firing sounds, using an optional add-on available in this mod's entry on the New Vegas Nexus. The add-on is titled "Sound Restoration Add-on". Download it and follow the instructions in the readme.

- Caliber changed to 9mm

Two reasons. First, the Chinese Pistol (and the unique variant, Dragoon Pistol) is based on the real-world Mauser C96 pistol (the model for the Chinese Pistol is even named "Mauser"). Mausers came in a variety of calibers, including knock-off variants made by various countries, like China. Of those calibers, 9mm is one of them, and 10mm (or anything close to it) is not.

Second, the Chinese Pistol was the "crappy" pistol using low-power ammunition in Fallout 3, and I felt that should be the same in New Vegas. Since 10mm isn't exactly low-power ammo anymore, I felt it would fit better using 9mm.

- Caliber changed to 20 gauge

To be fair, in Fallout 3 shotgun shells didn't have a gauge specified, but most people seemed to assume it was 12 gauge (that being the case in past Fallout games). The problem is that there's already a Combat Shotgun-esque weapon: the Riot Shotgun. Since that weapon is 12 gauge, it makes sense for the Combat Shotgun to be 20.

- Different ammunition shape (NOT the projectile)

The shape for Dart ammunition is something that didn't make it into New Vegas from Fallout 3. Initially I used the projectile shape, which IS in the game, but as it turns out that doesn't have any physical boundaries specified, meaning if you drop the ammo you can't pick it up. The ammunition now uses the smaller shape used for weapon mods, which should at least be easily recognized among the various other clutter.

- Increased damage
- Reduced weight (5 instead of 10)

In Fallout 3 the Deathclaw Gauntlet is crafted from four ingredients which have a combined weight of 5, and yet the weapon itself has a weight of 10. This is something that always drove me NUTS, mostly because it was so damn illogical. Since I'm in a position that I can change that, I went ahead and did it.

I specically mention the increased damage for this weapon because this is one of the few weapons I didn't have to re-add to the game: it was already present in Fallout: New Vegas, just not used or placed anywhere. Its damage was completely unchanged from Fallout 3 and thus needed to be rebalanced.

- Different texture

Textures for the Lever-Action Rifle were not included in New Vegas, which meant the weapon had to be re-created using a third-party texture, graciously provided by Lord Darius13. (The shape, if you don't already know, is just that of Lincoln's Repeater.) I might not have bothered, but the Lever-Action Rifle (and the Backwater Rifle) was one of the high points of the Point Lookout DLC for me. I felt it was something worth bringing to this mod, new texture or no.

- Different name (Replica Repeater)

The way I figure it, there is only one REAL Lincoln's Repeater. That version was last seen in the Capital Wasteland as recently as four years before the events of New Vegas; it would make little sense to assume that weapon had somehow made its way across an entire continent in that time. However, it's not out of the question for REPLICAS of Lincoln's famous Henry Rifle to have been made and sold to various collectors before the war, for example to the paranoid brother of a well-known self-made business magnate.

- Different firing sound
- Different critical death effect

The Mesmetron's firing noise is missing, which is used by the Microwave Emitter. It was difficult to find a noise, any noise, which had the necessary delay to work with the weapon, and even what I found isn't QUITE right, but it's better than nothing.

The second change is mostly cosmetic: rather than a critical hit kill turning the body into an ash pile, the Microwave Emitter will now cause it to explode in a violent burst of heat and flame, similar to what happens when you try to microwave a hot dog without poking holes in it first. I did this because 1) it's a bit more fitting with the theme of the weapon, and 2) too many damn weapons turn things into ash piles. And yes, you can still loot the body after it has exploded.

Also, I would like to mention that the bonus critical chance and bonus critical damage were in the original implementation of the weapon, and are not something I added.

- Altered crafting recipe
- Affected by the Demolitions Expert perk
- Affected by the Pyromaniac perk

First off, there is no Nuka-Cola Quantum in normal Fallout: New Vegas, so that meant changing the recipe to use something else. Nuka-Cola Victory is used in quite a few recipes, but Quartz, not so much, so the recipe now calls for a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quartz. On top of that, I never liked the concept that you can somehow make two or three Nuka-Grenades using only one Tin Can, especially when each one is clearly made out of a whole can. The recipe you acquire allows you to make two Nuka-Grenades with each set of ingredients, so now the ingredients call for two Tin Cans instead of one.

Also, Nuka-Grenades would seem to fit the description of items which are covered by both the Pyromaniac and Demolitions Expert perk, and yet in Fallout 3 they weren't. I understand why they weren't (owing to the huge damage they do), but I don't exactly approve of it. Therefore, Nuka-Grenades are now affected by both perks.

- Different firing sound
- Different ammunition shape (NOT the projectile)

Unfortunately the firing sound for the Railway Rifle was one of the resources that didn't make it from Fallout 3 to New Vegas. In this case I had to improvise and find something that fit; ultimately the best thing I found was the firing sound for the Rock-It Launcher, which DID make it into New Vegas. If you were a frequent user of either weapon in Fallout 3 it may make you twitch a little, but it actually fits fairly well. Better than anything else I could find.

The ammunition shape issue is exactly the same for the Dart Gun as it is for the Railway Rifle: the ammunition shape wasn't included in New Vegas and the projectile shape has no physical boundaries. Also like the Dart Gun, I have used the generic Small Weapon Mod Box shape to replace it.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you have Fallout 3 you can restore the old firing sounds, using an optional add-on available in this mod's entry on the New Vegas Nexus. The add-on is titled "Sound Restoration Add-on". Download it and follow the instructions in the readme.

- Different skill (Explosives)
- Odd dropped-in-world behavior
- No VATS usage

The Rock-It Launcher was the quintessential Big Guns crafted gun back in Fallout 3, a gun that made the Big Guns skill something you might want to invest in early, since you could reliably get the schematics for it pretty early. However, Fallout: New Vegas has no Big Guns skill, and worse no equivalent to the Big Guns skill. Certainly there's no skill that seems to inherently cover "shoots random crap at people". It was actually quite a stretch to figure out what skill was the ''least bad'' fit for the weapon: obviously not Energy Weapons, not Guns because it doesn't shoot bullets... Barter perhaps? :P Ultimately I settled on Explosives, since it was the only ranged weapon skill left.

Although the shape and texture for the weapon made it into Fallout: New Vegas, the in-world shape did not. I was forced to re-use the normal weapon shape for the in-world shape. This means that when you drop the weapon it drops as two distinct pieces, which are both affected by physics independently. This means that if you were to drop the Rock-It Launcher on a bed, one part might stay on the bed while the other rolled off and settled on the other side of the room. Picking up one piece will pick up the other though, so it's only a visual thing.

For some reason, going into VATS with the RIL does not allow you to actually select any target body parts. You are able to highlight them, but when you click the mouse or press E the game does nothing, not even the ''dry fire'' or ''not enough AP'' sound. I'm not sure why this happens (my guess is the weird ammo situation), but the end result is that you can't use the weapon in VATS. I'm poking at the issue to see if I can figure out a workaround, but in the meantime you will just have to fire the weapon outside of VATS.


The Mesmetron wasn't a weapon so much as a quest-related item, and a lot of its usefulness came from the part where you enslaved people and got money for it (or at least got rid of them permanently). I could implement the weapon partially, but it would be a shade of its former glory without it being integrated into a similar unmarked quest. I expect to do that, sometime, but not as part of this mod. If and when I complete such a thing I will link to it for those of you who would be interested in it. In the meantime, you'll have to make do with the Microwave Emitter from Point Lookout, which appears the same but doesn't stun people so much as make their heads explode.

Most people assume Jingwei's Shocksword is simply a retextured Chinese Officer's Sword, but that's not true. In order to have the shimmering electric effect the sword actually uses a separate model with an additional layer for displaying that effect. This model was not included in New Vegas, so I was unable to add it to the mod. However, the cleaned-up base texture WAS included, hence why the mod includes the Dragoon Sword.


All of these weapons have no resources remaining for them. NONE. No models, no textures, nothing.


I have deliberately avoided adding in the specific Fallout 3 unique weapons for a lot of reasons. The biggest is that it's not an easy matter placing a dozen-ish unique weapons in the game, most of which had backstories, quests, or at least elaborate hiding places to go with them originally in Fallout 3. On top of that, New Vegas' unique weapons all have a different appearance, rather than just being the same gun with different stats. I really don't want to clutter the Mojave with samey "uniques".

The exception to this is the Operation: Anchorage weapons variants, which I have scattered throughout the game as unique weapons. That is because these weapons DO have unique textures to go with them, and it felt like a waste not to use them. As a sort of compromise I've made the statistics of SOME of these versions similiar to those of the above-mentioned Fallout 3 uniques, e.g. the Dragoon Assault Rifle has the same expanded clip and increased damage that the Xuanlong Assault Rifle had in Fallout 3.

Another option for those of you who would like weapons similar to the uniques from Fallout 3 (and its DLC) is Weapon Mods Expanded. By applying weapon mods to some of these weapons you can obtain similar performance to some of the same-appearance uniques from Fallout 3, e.g. by using the Improved Rifling and Laser Sight mods on the Infiltrator it will perform similar to the higher-damage, higher-accuracy Perforator.


- Reload sounds may not sync

Between Fallout 3 and New Vegas the system used for playing sounds while reloading changed. Previously this was done with a single sound effect, timed to match the associated animation, but now most reload sound effects are actually done in three parts. This is because of the various Perks and Traits (Rapid Reload, Trigger Discipline, Fast Shot, etc.) which affect reload speed; other conditions seem to affect reload time as well. Depending on any of these factors you may notice the animations played by Fallout 3 weapons do not perfectly match up with the sounds played.

I plan to address this in the future, if possible, but I do not have any real expertice when it comes to modifying animations. I'm sure I can slog through it, eventually, but if anybody would like this to get done quicker who has the necessary skill, BY ALL MEANS feel free to lend a hand.

- Weapon disappears in first person view
- SOLUTION: Drop the weapon, then pick it back up

I'm not sure why this happens, but it ALWAYS happens the very first time you fire/activate/engage the Auto Axe. The weapon will disappear and be completely invisible in first-person, though it will still do damage and still be seen in third-person view. Fortunately, the solution is simple: drop the weapon, then pick it back up. Something about this seems to reset things, and the weapon will not disappear again (at least as far as I've tested).

- No reload sound

For some reason the reload animation used for the Alien Disintegrator no longer has a sound specified; the same animation from Mothership Zeta did have one, so I have no idea why Bethesda took it out. On top of that, the actual reload sound file is missing as well. Essentially I have no reload sound to play and no method by which to play it. Fortunately, firing sounds work as normal.


Though I've cobbled together this mod and done most of the behind-the-scenes stuff, there are a few people whose resources or other work made this mod possible:

Wreckless1 - For starting work on the Fallout 3 Weapons Pack, which would eventually become the basis for this mod.

LORD DARIUS13 - For modifying Fallout 3 weapons to have correct iron sight information, and releasing those updated meshes as a Modders' Resource.

Antistar - For creating new meshes for cross-compatibility with his WMX (Weapon Mods Expanded) mod, as well as providing some additional iron sight-corrected models (.32 Pistol, Alien Atomizer, Chinese Pistol) and allowing me to include them in this mod.

Linerunner - For making meshes for the Assault Rifle and Chinese Assault Rifle with INCREDIBLY well-aligned iron sights, and for allowing assets he creates to be reused with credit.