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Book of Eli's machete - or atleast my wannabe interpretation of it from the movie "The Book of Eli".

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Book of Eli's machete - or atleast my wannabe interpretation of it.

---Update 10/16/2011---
v2 - Added machete to the Cowboy and Grunt perks. There are 2 files - Cowboy only, and Cowboy/Grunt. Honest Hearts DLC is required for the Grunt version. Easy and Hard mode versions are included.
Install- Just like the main/optional file, yes to overwrite.

---Update 1/31/2011---
Optional Model to use. This one is roughly 24 inches. I have put in a comparision screenshot of the default/shorter size.
Install- Just like the main file, yes to overwrite.
(You NEED the main file - optional only contains model)


This is roughly my 8th build of said model; after dealing with poly issues, texturing issues, and the extremely irritating battle I've had with how the blood decals are displayed on the weapon. There IS an occasional glitch with the decals, but the problems have been reduced enough to a point that I would personally accept them. I could have simply removed the ability for blood decals/spray but I dislike that idea.

Currently there is only 1 texture. I have plans for atleast 1 more, more likely 2. The blade is only a bit more powerful than the machete gladius (I think) ingame. I dislike overpowered weapons. If you want something with a stronger bite, you can easily adjust it in GECK. It is repairable with vanilla machetes.

There are 2.esps. An Easy, and a Hard mode.
Easy: Weapon is laying there on the pool table in the Goodsprings Saloon.
Hard: Weapon is semi-hidden ingame. Some people posssibly will attack with them, and a vendor or 2 may rarely have one.
Tip- If you collect skill books, you should find it. If you already grabbed them all... go back. Or, spoiler in bottom of readme file.

Future additions- maybe:
Another 1-2 textures, possibly more.
Some sunglasses, and perhaps a book/bible with a + stat.
Some other ideas, a bit grand for my skill - but I will stay quiet on those for now.


Unpack the .zip into your Fallout New Vegas directory. Make sure to use file structure and it will place the files in the correct directories. It may prompt you about adding directories, yes to all - nothing in this .zip should overwrite anything you have. Check off which (or both) .esp you wish to use in your launcher of choice. Play.

For safety sake - load your save(s) - and drop any of these machetes you may be holding. Save and exit.
Navigate to your Fallout New Vegas directory.
Go into the \Data directory and delete the zaty1elimachete.esp(s).
Go into the Meshes\Weapons and delete zaty1elimachete folder.
Go into the Textures\Weapons and delete zaty1elimachete folder.


If you'd like to generate better .esp's and methods of distribution ingame yourself, feel free. Link to my models/textures but do not distribute without my permission. You may NOT distribute/modify/upload these files without my permission.