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Reinsates several abandoned-in-place music sets into the game

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Author: MadCat221 ([email protected])

Version: 1.0.1

January 29, 2011


There appears to be a lot of unused music in the content archives. There is a distinct music set for Freeside, Jacobstown, and The Fort that are simply not used and are instead just replaced with a generic ambient tune from older Fallout games.

This mod re-enables these. It also does a few other musical tweeks, such as re-instututing the "Khans of New California" music when in Red Rock Canyon (Seriously... did anyone else find it conspicuously absent seeing that it was readily available?)

It also increases the volume level of the Hoover Dam tracks so you can actually hear it without maxing out the music volume in the game's audio settings.

Future musical tweeks using unused music audio may be done at a future time.


1) Copy the enclosed ESP to your Fallout New Vegas/Data folder.
2) Open your favorite mod manager.
3) Activate "MusicRecovery.esp".


Initial Release.
* Freeside music restored.
* The Fort music restored.
* Jacobstown music restored.
* Hoover Dam music volume increased to a level where it can actually be heard without changing music volume.
* "Khans of New California" classic Fallout track implemented for Red Rock Canyon region.
* A few audio markers altered or added to better cover affected regions.

v1.0.1 (April 25, 2013)
* Toned down Hoover Dam a bit.
* Several more interior cells around locales now have their linked exterior worldspace's new (IE: restored) music.