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The Mid West Power Armor from fallout Tactics redone by a professional and 2 talentuous moders. ( Now compatible with Project nevada thanks to Lockheart ).

Permissions and credits
Hereticus DaiShi AnOneTwo

Fallout 3 Edition
Tip : Professional version mean "Made by a professional" not "Exact copy"..

Download it in the download section ;). (Thanks go to Lockheart :

Hello Everybody !

1-Let me introduce this mod.
2-Work distribution.
3-Where can i find this armor ?
4-Different shape for the armor ?

1-Let me introduce this mod :

DaiShi and me already worked togheter and we still have a friendly relationship !

One day he tell me that he want a Mid Western Power Armor..

So i proposed to use the little period i had with less work to make one !

I'm a professional game modeler and i'm usualy working on cellphones , psp , iphones games.

So i made the 3D model , DaiShi made the UV and texturing ( with some advice i was happy to tell him ).

We also needed someone realy good in rigging to have the most professionnal work as possible.

I contacted AnOnetwo :). He Made a fantastic T-57c power armor professional like , well rigged.

I didn't follow with HUGE PRECISION the old obsidian ( 14 degrees east in case of Fallout Tactics Power Armor ) model.

Why ?

-Because this model was made several years ago , with old technique.
-The final render model didn't realy fit the "badass spirit" from the armor seen in the artworks.
-In render the model had little paudrons and in game they were huge !
-It can not be well integrated in fallout new vegas with the old shape. (If you look closer the Remnants armor , it's not the same as fallout 2 , Switching a concept 2D to 3D need some modifications to concerve the concept spirit.)

So i look after documentation and made working my artist spirit. What if obsidian should make the MidWest Power Armor in an actual game ?

I looked the references and documentation they used and tryed to do a good mix between renders/encient-art-work/artistical-taste-of-a-professional.

I also made the face more "Daemon" like. (To Look even more badass).

If someone don't like the look i have on this armor , he is free to choose another release :). Everbybody can have a different look on this armor ^^.

2-Work distribution :

Hereticus : design concept reworked , model , Polygons optimisation , team coordinator , armor stats.
DaiShi Hun : UVs , Texture (and icons) , The Advanced armor backpack with two fans , Placing armor ingame.
AnOneTwo : Rigging , Importing in Gamebryo engine , screenshots.

3-Where can i find this armor ?

Some Bos Members will wear it.

To have the precise locations , some screens are placed in a "__locations" folder in the mod archive (beware of spoilers !)

Keep in mind that the cells containing the armors in most cases have to reset before the armor shows up in them. So if you already visited a cell that contain the armor , it will maybe not show up...

If you don't want to search the armor , the player.additem codes are ...

([XX] is mod index number in fomm)

Power Armor MidWest[XX]000ADF
Power Armor Midwest Helmet[XX]000AE1
Power Armor MIdWest Adv[XX]000AE5
Power Armor MidWest Adv Helmet[XX]000AE9

Sample :
To have 1 Power Armor MidWest you must type player.additem [XX]000ADF 1 in the console

4-Different shape for the armor ?

If you want a bigger pauldrons model or a TANK model (see pictures) , Optionnals models are downloadables.
( i personnaly prefer the big pauldrons model :p , DaiShi the default one and AnOneTwo the Tank , so you see , everyone is happy :) ).

DaiShi here: The still layered textures are available on my website,for those who would like to make different versions / improvements.