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Added: 26/01/2011 - 04:15PM
Updated: 26/02/2011 - 04:10AM

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Last updated at 4:10, 26 Feb 2011 Uploaded at 16:15, 26 Jan 2011

2 variants of the select fire M14 sniper rifle that replace the vanilla Sniper Rifle and Gobi Campaign Rifle. Can use Sniper rifle suppressor and bipod. The Sniper Rifle is replaced with the M21 with a wood stock and the Gobi Campaign Rifle is replaced with the M25 Whitefeather with a synthetic stock.

Type: Sniper rifle.
Ammo: .308 Round.
Repair: Standard sniper rifles.
Where found: replaces vanilla sniper rifles
Mods: Bipod (available at several vendors) and Sniper Rifle Suppressor (scope is already mounted).

Requires New Vegas Script Extender (http://nvse.silverlock.org/) for select fire. Press the 'M' key to switch between fire modes.

The M14 select fire mod (http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=39694) is NOT required. This is a self contained mod. Some of the files from the M14 select fire mod are duplicated and will overwrite if the user is already running the M14 Select Fire mod. This will not cause any issues.

NB: While the RL sniper variants of the M14 (M21 and M25) were semi only, they retained the capability of automatic fire - lacking only a selector. I decided to make all the M14 variants in this mod select fire.
7 February 2011
Added a wood stock for the M21
Added more scope magnification and lower AP cost to M25
Removed SelectFire.esm to a separate download to make maintenance easier

27 January 2011
Fixed a problem with sound by adding new firing sounds taken from the M14 select Fire Mod.

27 January 2011
Changed rate of fire to 13 to reflect the RL M14 cyclic rate of 750 rpm
Now using the SelectFire.esm rather than an internal script.

26 January 2011
V0.41 posted
Fixed a problem with the replacement not working correctly
Small tweak to select fire script

26 January 2011
V0.4 posted. This mod will be kept in sync with the M14 Select Fire mod.

Thanks to Imperator3, General Tso, Twinke.Masta, Thanez, Stoke, Pete, Kimono, JIHADCo. The original script used for select fire was written by kerededyh and tweaked DreadWolf.