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Epic Skills adds effects for building your skills above 100 (and, of course, allows you to continue adding to them past 100). It includes new abilities and the ability to see skills' actual post-100 values.

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(Hey all - I have no idea if this mod works, but I recently noticed that someone bought my XFO-NV.com link and is using it to pawn some BS web extension.  Please don't go there!)

Normally, the game allows skills to go well over 100, but it doesn't continue to calculate effects.

Now it will! Now you can create your epic character with skill effects calculated up to skill levels of 201, including new abilities!

(Of course, this mod also "uncaps" those skills, allowing you to place points past 100 at level-up)

NVSE, the script extender, is required for this mod, and can be found at nvse.silverlock.org -- don't worry, it's an easy installation.

*** Since the pip-boy does not correctly display skills above 100, and neither does the level-up screen, I have included the ability to check them. Press alt-K to bring up a screen displaying all of your true skill values. The game *is* aware of these values (as also shown by console: player.getav skillname).

The following is a list of effects included so far:

Barter: Every 10 points over 100 decreases buy prices by 5%

Energy Weapons: Every 10 points over 100 burns through 2 DT of your enemy's armor; also adds 5% VATS accuracy. The DT is additive; for example, at 150, you'll ignore 12 DT of enemy armor (first 2 for Skill Level 100).

Guns: Every 10 points increases your critical chance by 1%; also adds 5% VATS accuracy.

Lockpick: This one's a little special -- I've added a couple of new, scaling, "epic" abilities. First, with a lockpick over 100, you'll be able to attempt to pick locks that require keys or were previously "impossible." Your odds of success increase (from 25% to 75%) from skill level 100 to 200, and you can only try this once per door (if you fail, you'll have to find the key). Second, you can now lock a door behind you. The lock level will depend on your skill, and you can only do this once per day (to prevent several exploits, including the fact that you get xp when you re-unlock that door).

Medicine: (Hardcore Mode only) For every 20 points, stimpaks will heal approximately 20% more; for every 10 points, doctor's packs will heal about 15% more

Melee: For every 10 points, you will do 10% more damage with melee weapons.

Repair: For every 10 points, your weapons and armor will decay ~9% more slowly.

Science: For every 10 points, your chance to receive recyclable energy weapon ammo increases by 10% (cumulative with any other bonuses), and your damage vs. robots increases by 10%

Sneak: For every 10 points, your sneak attack critical damage increases by 5%. (I was also going to allow higher accuracy while sneaking and hidden, but couldn't balance it properly; it may be included in the next update.) Unfortunately, the "chameleon" effect used by stealth boys is broken and doesn't scale like the original effect from Oblivion, as I wanted to use that to increase sneak ability directly...)

Speech: No effects yet -- working on a big overhaul, but it'll take awhile. Expected eventual effect: When a conversation option would be available according to a skill or stat, but not by speech, it will be available and passable according to sneak skill. For example, if a speech option required Medicine 70, it would be available and passable with a speech of 170.

Survival: This one scales at every point. As survival increases above 100, you will regenerate progressively while out of combat (very slowly at first, and pretty slowly even at 200, but still handy), and your rate of hunger and thirst acquisition will slow down.

Unarmed: Every 10 points increases attack speed by 10% and reduces AP usage by 5%.