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Adds a modular ACR, SVD Dragunov, VSS, AS Val, and MP5 SMGs to the game plus more!

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Version: 1.4.1

THIS MOD REQUIES NVSE! The ACR will not work properly if it is not installed.

NOTICE AS OF 02/23/2021:

Please refer to my post from the comments, seen here. I will not be supporting CaliberX at this time. I haven't worked on fallout mods in years so please use any community patches/resources/re-releases.


I started playing New Vegas again recently and noticed my mod was horribly broken, specifically the Sink issue. Thanks to viennacalling
this is now fixed! I uploaded the latest version this morning. If you
used his fix you do NOT need to update. I have removed CaliberX support
as well due to it being a defunct mod and adding more ammo types to the
wasteland ultimately seems unnecessary.

I apologize for not maintaining the mod as I should have and appreciate the community's help in fixing it. Thank you all!


This mod will add some new weapons to the game's leveled lists and vendor lists.
The weapons added are (as of this version):

ACR 10.5" Carbine - Uses 5mm ammo, similar to the assault carbine
ACR 14.5" Battle Rifle - Uses 5.56mm ammo, similar to the marksman carbine.
ACR 18" Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) - Uses .308 rounds, similar to the sniper rifle.
ACR LMG: Light Machine Gun variant, holds 100 5mm rounds but much less accurate.
MP5K - Uses 9mm ammo.
MP5/10 - Uses 10mm ammo.
MP5/10SD - Silenced version of the MP5
SVD - Uses .308 ammo, 10 rounds
AS Val - Uses 5.56mm 20 rounds, full auto
VSS - Uses 5.56mm 10 rounds, semi auto

Included is an armory featuring all these weapons plus some useful higher level vanilla weapons. It is accessible through the small ZL Armaments storefront located in southwest Vegas along the I-15. You'll need a key (or a 100 level lockpick skill) to access it. You can get the key if you have any safehouse key in your inventory. Alternatively if you don't mind cheating you can add it through the console (xx004049, the xx's correspond to the load order number). It can be used as a faction-neutral safehouse if you wish as well with plenty of storage space, a bed, a reloading bench, and a work bench.

If you head to the 188 Trading Post you'll find a new merchant set up shop there. Since the original ZL Armaments Store was overrun by fiends and lost (he doesn't have the key) he decided to set up shop there instead. There's plenty of 9x39mm ammo there if you have a hard time finding any, but it isn't too cheap either. By level 12 you should have access to all of the weapons in this mod through him.

1. Unzip all files to c:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout New Vegas\Data (or wherever your Data folder is located)
2. Open up Fallout Mod Manager and activate ZL-Armaments.esp.
3. Play the game!

Delete "ZL-Armaments.esp" from the Data folder.
Delete the ZLWeapons & ZLAttachments from the Textures\Weapons directory & the ZL Stuff folder under Meshes\Clutter.
Delete the ZLWeapons from the Meshes\Weapons directory & the ZL Stuff folder under Meshes\Clutter.
Delete the folder "ZLWeapons" under the Sounds\fx\wpn directory.

V1.4.1: Used fix by  viennacalling that fixes the issue with the Sink in Old World Blues. Thank you!
No longer supports CaliberX.

V1.4:Fixed ACOG issue and texture errors on ACR
Added non-CaliberX version

V1.3:Added a new merchant to the 188 Trading Post
Fixed many bugs
Fixed the MP5 Ironsights
Increased damage, accuracy, and rate of fire on the ACR 10.5" Carbine
Increased damage but decreased magazine size on the ACR 18" DMR
ACOG attachment for ACR now uses an actual scope instead of the mildot overlay.

V 1.2:CaliberX is now required for this mod for the 9x39 ammo.
Fixed some errors in the ACR script that wouldn't add back the 18" Barrel Kit.
All old 9x39 ammo will be automatically swapped with the new ammo via script.

V 1.1:Fixed the incorrect file pathing for the posters causing a missing mesh error.
Fixed the rotation of a highway kit piece outside of the store
Zero'd in all ironsights for weapons, they all should be more accurate now. The MP5s iron sights aren't very pretty now however.

V 1.0:Initial Release

Possible Issues:
The ejector port and trigger on the VSS and AS Val don't animate as of now due to major displacement issues that occured when they were animated. You can hardly tell anyway.

This mod shouldn't conflict with anything that I know of. If it does, please let me know. The texture is also a bit high res, but it should run fine on most computers. As for the leveled lists, they are added to the vanilla lists by a script so there should be no conflicts with any other mods.

If you find any other issues with this mod please let me know and I'll do my best to get them fixed in a timely manner.

Feel free to use this mod however you wish, just ask me before using any of my work. Most likely I'll be happy to allow you to use whatever you may need. Be sure to give me credit where credit is due, and do not upload this mod to any other sites. These files are not intended for commercial use and should not be used as such.

Thanks To:
T3T- For help with testing the mod and various ideas.
Schlangster- For some scripting and other various help.
Ashengrace- For help with the ACR ironsights
SteveDog- For HUGE help with the scripting and testing, most of the scripts were written by him.
HK- Sounds
GSC Game World- Sounds for VSS & AS Val
Pelinor- For the scope reticles
TwinkieMasta- For the ACOG Mesh and Texture
viennacalling - Making a fix after me abandoning the mod for years. You da real MVP.
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