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The Endgame Slideshow will now play in 16:9 or 16:10 Aspect Ratio for all widescreen monitors, instead of being squished to a 4:3 ratio which did not look acceptable before.

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The Endgame Slideshow will now play in (depending on your downloaded version) 16:9 or 16:10 Aspect Ratio for all widescreen monitors. Note that this is not suitable for 4:3 monitors, as it will cause the slideshow to be stretched beyond the dimensions of the game view.

The main problem is that the endgame sequence is not traditional. What happens is that your character is placed in an incredibly small room, with controls disabled. They are looking at a black screen with the projector slides. Behind that screen is a character called "Ron the Narrator" who does all the dialogue for the endgame sequence. Now, the slideshow itself isn't a set texture, but a mesh (NIF) file. That file, is preset to a certain dimension. Obviously for 4:3 so it can work on all screens. This means however that it can't dynamically change itself to fit widescreen monitors. So I've had to edit the mesh file itself and extend it so it does happen to fill the void on Widescreen settings.