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Adds a 10% chance that any Nuka-Cola vending machine may contain one of the special types of Nuka-Cola, including Quantum.

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UPDATE: I've added an optional version which raises the percent chance of finding a ''special'' Nuka-Cola to 25%
This is just a simple little container tweak I decided to whip up.

I remembered when I was playing Fallout 3, and how every time I found a Nuka-Cola vending machine there was that tiny little thrill of, ''I wonder if this one will have Quantum in it?'' Sadly, there's nothing like that in New Vegas, despite there being not one but TWO "special" variants of Nuka-Cola, not counting Ice Cold and Rum & Nuka. So I decided to fix it.

Installing this mod adds a 10% chance that one of the three various types of ''special'' Nuka-Cola will be there. I say three because THIS INCLUDES QUANTUM. Yes, there's now a way to obtain that drink we all miss from Fallout 3... if you're lucky.

This mod DOES NOT alter the items themselves in any way, so if you have some other mod that alters Quantum, Quartz, or Victory, it will work with this mod.