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Name: Fire Gecko Companion
Version: 1.0
Date: 21-01-2011
Category: Companions

My Fallout NV mods are now as is. I can't troubleshoot any issues as I haven't played, nor modded, the game in a over a year. If you have issues with any of my mods, and you can't find an answer in the comments, it'd be best to ask on the Fallout NV Mods forum. There's likely people there who still play the game and can better help you.

Based upon Shrod's Companion Gecko this version attempts to clean up the esp and add some basic dialogue.
Also included are two optional Fire Gecko textures. The one I've been using in my screenshots is already in the texture folder.
In the Alternate texture folder is my first version, which isn't so...red. But, you can use either one. It's up to you. You'll have to use one because the custom mesh has one of them assigned.
**Note: If you don't want to use either you'll need to pull the original from the Textures.bsa, rename it to mystykgecko_fire_d.dds and overwrite my texture.
If you're using another custom texture just make a copy of it, rename it and drop it in to overwrite my texture.

The voice files included may not be needed, but I've included them just in case. I'll have to check up on that one.

Gecko's starting location is still at Good Springs Source. I've removed the other that (I never saw) at Doc Mitchell's House, and removed a bunch of stuff that I felt was out of place.
Such as the manhole to Atomic Wrangler, a double bed in the middle of nowhere, a Legion helmet and an unpickupable Pimp Boy on the ground.

**Edit: Turns out my edits didn't stick. They'll be edited out next update.

I added the required dialogue quest which has three entries - Follow, Wait, Nevermind.
I haven't changed how he is added to your party. It seems that when you approach the second well (with Sunny or without) he comes to your aid straight away.
**Edit: If you start a new game he may be in the room when you wake up. Well, the opening sequence didn't say you didn't have a pet :-)
I'll get that fixed, too.

By default he doesn't have a companion wheel, and this is intentional. The companion wheel comes in automatically when the NPC is set as a teammate.
Setting that manually through the console will enable the wheel, but many features of it won't be available as it's just not set up for that. The only ones that would work would be Inventory Share and Talk.
When the wheel is active his dialogue responses (chitters and head scratches) won't be heard. These can only be heard by actually talking to him with the Talk button (*need confirmation they are actually working*).

Like ED-E, the Gecko can use Stimpaks. He consumes them although you never see it happen, the same goes for purified water. Remember what Sunny says about why the geckos are hanging out at the wells? And I've noticed consumables that replenish health and/or hydration he likes to consume as well. So, if you want to use him as a personal storehouse/pantry be warned. He may eat the contents :-)
But, he will auto-heal after combat regardless of whether you activate the wheel and give him things.

Instructions on how to manually enable the companion wheel are in the file in a separate readme. As that is a feature I didn't feel was necessary, it's optional and not included as part of the mod.

His name is subject to change, but for now I've named him Pet Gecko. He follows at a distance of about 300, and chitters and talks to himself, I presume, as he's following along behind.
He has immunity to fire and poison, levels with the Player and has been added to the faction that allows followers to move freely around Freeside/The Strip without being shot at.

In the images I've set his size manually, through the console. When you first get him he'll be ordinary Gecko size. It's up to you if you want to make him bigger or smaller.
The console command for setting his size is setscale
Default is 1.0 I have mine set at 1.2 - [Open console and click on Gecko] setscale 1.2 [Enter] [Close console]

Fallout Mod Manager

Remote Control Companions
JIP Companions Command and Control

[See comments tab for my most recent post regarding the above two mods]

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
3. Copy files to (Install Folder)\Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas\Data
4. Start Fallout Mod Manager (or the Launcher) and place a checkmark beside the .esp file.

It's recommended to create fomod's for mods that consist of more than just an esp. It makes installing/uninstalling much easier as well as a tidier Data folder.

1. Start Fallout Mod Manager, and uncheck the .esp file(s) / deactivate the FOMOD, if you made one.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod:

Readme - Fire Gecko Companion.txt

Support suspended. See top of this page.

Cannot be used with Schrod's version as the plugins are named the same. You could change the name of his (as it has no other files with it) but I recommend using one or the other, not both. Who knows what sort of conflicts you may have.
I won't help with any issues that may arise from using both plugins at the same time.

Even though he has no Hello's set up, other NPC's will attempt to talk to him.
A funny thing happened at the Tops Casino, in my game. As we walked past Benny's bodyguards one turned to the Gecko, looked down at him and said, "Now, no funny business, I've got my eye on you." :-)
Unlike with ED-E he won't pick random fights, well, as far as I've seen. Perhaps the comment should have been aimed more at me. Oh well.

You can find me on the BethSoft forums as 'MystykStar'
And here as 'Star-Mystyk'

Tools Used:
TESSnip (included in FOMM)

Schrod for the original Companion Gecko mod and his open permissions to modify the file.

My Other Mods: