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Adds Unique weapons or Replaces weapon textures in Fallout New Vegas, the choice is yours.

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This mod adds 10 Unique weapons to the game. Or it can re-texture 10 weapons instead. Either download the texture replacer pack, or the Unique weapons pack

The weapons re-textured in the texture replacer pack include:

Silenced .22
.44 Magnum Unique Revolver
Service Rifle
Sawed off Shotgun
Hunting Revolver
Rusty Kitchen Knife
.357 Revolver
Alien Pistol

Weapons in the Unique Weapons Pack include:

Lucky Lady - silenced.22
Black Betty - 9mm
Intimidator - 10mm
Custom.44 Revolver
Martha - Service Rifle
Punisher - Sawed off Shotgun
Custom Hunting Revolver
Engraved Knife
Custom.357 Revolver
Death to Humans - Alien Pistol


*All the new weapons can be found on a table located behind a building to the right of the Nipton Hotel. An ammo box with 100 rounds for each gun can be found there as well.

I also included a medical book which serves as a storage container. Inside you will find stimpacks and other health related items.


1. Place textures folder in the Data directory

2. Copy and paste the following lines into the ArchiveInvalidation.txt notepad document(located in the fallout new vegas folder)


*If you don't have an ArchiveInvalidation.txt document, just create one.

Place the guntexturetest.esp file in the data directory and check it off in the Data Files menu when you first start your game.(This places a table with all the guns that have been re-textured so you have easy access to them in game. The table is located behind a building to the right of the Nipton Hotel.)

4. Install complete


1.Place meshes and texture folders into the Fallout New Vegas Data directory

2. Place the unique Weapon Pack .esp file into the fallout New Vegas Data directory(sometimes this ends up in a compatibility folder when you do this. Make sure you cut and paste it from the compatibility folder to the actual data directory if this happens.)

3. Check off the Unique Weapon pack.esp file in the Data Files section when you start your game.

4. Enjoy:)