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Name: Leather backpack
Author: d_ivanov
Version: 1.1
Date: 15.01.2010
Category: Armor & clothes
Link: http://newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=39611


This mod adds a brand new leather backpack to Chet in Goodsprings and to Mick in Freeside. It adds 50 units to carry weight. But there are also some other features described below.

When I was working on this mod I got an idea to make my backpack a little bit more functional than others. So, I've managed to implement two useful features:

1) You can throw your backpack on the ground and use it as a container. When you take the backpack again, all the items you stored in it would be added to your inventory.
2) If you choose a backpack with a folded mattress, you can unfold it and sleep. To do this you should throw your backpack on the ground, activate it and follow the menu instructions. To fold the mattress again activate it in sneak mode.

The issues with these functions are these: it's supposed you'd use the only one copy of a backpack (with or without a folded mattress). If you would try to use two or three ones, you may get various bugs. However, if you'd use the only one backpack, everything should work just fine.

But, notwithstanding this, you can still buy special backpacks without functionality (except increasing carry weight by 50 units) - for your companions (and for your PC if you don't need additional functions and want to avoid any potential bugs). Their names have additional words "for companions", so, you won't get confused with it.

Backpacks can be repaired by themselves and by leather armor.

The archive contains both english and russian versions of .esp, use the one which is more familiar to you )


Fallout New Vegas


1. Extract the files from the archive.
2. Copy files to (install folder)\Fallout New Vegas\Data\
3. Start Fallout New vegas Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file.


1. Start Fallout New Vegas Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.


No compatiblity issues so far.


The only known issues are the ones that may occur if you use more than one copy of a backpack (except backpacks for companions, use can buy and use as many of them as you want).


1.0 15.01.2010 - Initial Release
1.1 15.01.2010 - Mattress bug is fixed

To Do list for
future versions
1) Add portable tent (something like Legion's tents I suppose, but I'd like to create my own model for it)
2) Add portable campfire
3) Add "My bed" feature for sleeping
4) Change distribution of backpacks, make it more safe and reliable to not to cause conflicts with other mods
5) Do just a bit of adjustments and improvements to the model to increase the resolution of some details.
6) Try to improve the unfolding of mattress to avoid unfolding with weird angles, look at the FWE implementation of this feature
7) Try to find someone with good texturing skills to create a texture with higher resolution.
8) Add automatic reequipping on picking up the backpack.
9) Add the feature to fold and unfold the mattress when backpack is equipped (to prevent dropping of the backpack through the ground)
10) Add backpack models with blue bedroll and makeshift bed instead of mattress.
11) Add smaller backpack to be located lower on the character's spine (something like Blackwolf backpacks)
12) If it would be possible, try to deal with multiple copies of a backpack.



If anyone wants to improve the scripts of this mod to avoid any potential bugs when using many copies of a backpack - be my guest.


Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian for creating Fallout New Vegas.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for ReadMe Generator this readme is based on.
Thanks to Sergey_Ros for his useful advices about scripting
Thanks to Tesall.ru and personally to Filosof for their great 3ds Max for TES school.
Thanks to JAD2010 for the bug report and the way to fix it.

Tools Used:

3ds Max 9
Adobe Photoshop CS 2
Nifscope 1.0.22
Fallout 3 ReadMe Generator


This file is provided as is and the author holds no responsiblity for anything that may come to happen from using this file.
Feel free to include this mod in your mod compilations if you want it, just let me know about it and give me a credit.