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Are you tired of either completely frantic - or apathetic - wildlife/critters, too ?
Are you - like me - desparately looking for realism ?

Then go no further - THIS is the mod for you !

"Realistic Wildlife" 0.7
Work in Progress
by Ali Bengali
(...yes, it's a pseudonym)


This file is based on Mashiki's fine
"Passive Critters"

While most vanilla wildlife goes on a psychic kamikaze run on sight, Mashiki's mod tends a bit towards the opposite extreme.
And both extremes just aren't realistic.
That's why I began fiddling.

A (living and conscious) radscorpion or coyote wouldn't let you stand on it's feet - or whatever you'd call those things a radscorp's walking on.
All those creatures should react in a differentiated manner.
I individually tweaked the behavior of a lot of critters, including rad scorpions, geckos, coyotes and others.

Some Features:
- a lot of creatures ignore you if you keep your distance
- tolerance differs from creature to creature
- they get wary if you get too close and start to threaten you
- leave and watch them relax and continue their sandbox animations
- stay or get closer to get attacked
- some very aggressive ones, like mirelurk hunters, still attack on sight
- experience differentiated group-dynamic behavior and combat morale

Since I just started playing New Vegas and didn't travel around much ingame, I haven't yet met some of the creatures/fauna. That's why this is marked as a work in progress and quite likely subject to future changes.
Still I deem the results decent and enjoyable enough - that's why I decided to share this file, which originally was for personal use.

Enjoy! - And please show your support by endorsing if you do! :)

Move/remove the .esp to/from the game's "Data" folder.
Check/uncheck in the launcher or mod manager.

USE / EDIT THIS FILE AS YOU SEE FIT, but link and give credit to Mashiki and me.
Mashiki for his "Passive Critters"


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