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Adds a sand proof and water/fire resistant neck cover to the NCR Ranger Helmet. No more exposed skin under your chin.

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The neck on the Ranger Helmet always seemed very exposed to me, and even when used on the standard Ranger Armor it is visible when crouched. So this mod adds tough but flexible cover around the rangers neck. It is thin enough to fit beneath most other neck pieces.

1. Copy all the files into the Data folder
2. Make sure the NCR Ranger Helmet Neck Cover.esp file is selected in your load order.
3. Make sure you have ArchiveInvalidation on.

Possible Conflicts
This will obvious conflict with anything that changes the Ranger Helmet stats or model. BUT it will not conflict with things that change just the textures (eg Desert Armor).

Desert Ranger Helmet
My Advanced Desert Ranger Helmet mod provides this cover for the Desert Ranger helmet in Honest Hearts, as well as adding some nice functionality to that helmet.

Mods seen in image section
The armor seen in the picture section can be found in my other mods:
1. Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision.
2. Advanced Recon Stealth Armor.