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A nice and simple backpacks addition to the game. Best used with realistic mods that reduce char\'s carry weight.

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I went through all the backpacks mods available right now and couldn't find one that suits my taste.
I just wanted a backpack mod which is simple enough and yet adds on to the vanilla immersion of the game.

Hence I got down to work and learn how to modify the necessary files to compile one that I really liked.
Sharing my work with all Fallout lovers. :D

1. Four types of backpacks available, check your local merchant store!
Backpack Small: adds 25WG -3AP
Backpack Medium: adds 35WG -5AP
Backpack Large: adds 55WG -1AG
Backpack Huge: adds 100WG -3AG

See image :)

ps: The backpacks only adds the above amount of carry weight because they are supposed to be used with realistic mods with realistic carry weights. For eg. in my RHF mod compilation, you could only carry around 100WG in the beginning, hence backpack becomes important and it looks good :)

To modders: Yes, I have created a world model of the NV Slavebackpack and removed the machete.
If you want to use my resources for your mod, just drop me a msg.

Extract to or copy all files to \Data\, thereafter activate the .esp file.
Savegame compatible.

Delete the .esp file, \Data\meshes\RHF\ and \Data\textures\RHF\ folders.

Check out my mods compilation!

Feel free to ask any questions and do give some feedbacks and comments!


Known issues
Companions sometimes can carry super weights is a vanilla bug, not caused by my mod.