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This mod include a series of Quest, treasure hunt style, which allows the player to get an armored vehicle called the Mobile Vault. also include 3 hidden hideouts and a Vault-Tec Complex.

Install version 1.21 then relace all previous file with this upgrade

What's new in version 1.22
-Fix the minioven (also known as the slow flying minioven) so now it stay in place if tamper with
-Move the Vending machines so it will be compatible with Lumenarium mod
-fix some navMesh issues

What's new in version 1.21
-You may change the Mobile vault interior look... thanks to the Mobile Vault Holographic walls
a total of 8 great looks
-Fixe some typos and add ALPHA CETI And BETA name to related doors
-Fix the problem with companion (disapearance when exiting rooms)
-fix map Mobile Vault maps markers (now is a vault marker)
Have fun :-)

This mod only add new stuffs and do not change any of the Vanilla contents.
You may only encounter incompatibility with other mod that add building(s) or object(s) in the same areas (but that is unlikely).


You find the remains of an old prospector who wanted to retire. He prospected (looted) wealth all his life. paranoid by nature, he distributed, in caches, all his loot.

Find Clues to the hidden Vault-Tec complex. Nobody, except the old prospector, has set foot there for over 200 years.
In this complex you'll find the Mobile-Vault, a "deluxe" recreational utility armored vehicle...and many surprises.

Other Clues, left by the old prospector, will point to his hiding places, where he stacked enough wealth to "end his days" in luxury.

-Lots of new meshes.
-More than 100 new textures.
-A complete line of BlamCo product (food and drink).
-Deluxe furnitures and accessories.
-A working shower that allows the use of shampoo and soap.
-A BlamCo UP vending machine that can give the "ice Cold" trait to lots of brevages.
-A Hot Box, that can remove the "ice Cold" trait (so you can use them in receipies).
-A set of Working Vending machine (using only use NCR money).
-BlamCo line of cloths and armor.
-A unique "hybrid" weapond.
-Of course, this mod include the mobile vault.


the mobile Vault allow you to travel to 9 differents area in the NV maps.
The Vault include
-lots of persistent storages.
-A Working shower in the WC
-A liVing room
-A bedroom
-A Kitchen area (a blamCo UP vending machine and a fridge working like a HotBox)
-A control room
-A workBench but no Ammo bench

Version 1.2

Copy all the files in the DATA folder of FalloutNV

Activate the mod in your mod manager or data files, load your savegame, a message will appear explaining what you have to do!

Upgrade from previous version
Copy all the files in the DATA folder of FalloutNV and when prompt for replacing files just click "yes"

-Restocking the mobile vault water and energy levels
-Enable the GECK avalaible in the Mobile Vault
-Add soaps and shampoo bottle avalaible in the inventories of shop keepers
-Adding more destinations for the mobile vault