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Adds a couple of ways to detect traps including a handeld device and a perk.

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This mod has been merged into Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision and this page is no longer supported.

The Traponator 4000
Sick of being blown to being blown ten meters into the air my hidden mines? Tired to prying a bear trap off your leg? What you need is the all new Traponator 4000. This trusty handheld device will help erradicate those nasty surprises.

Detect Traps Perk
Or take our advanced trap detection training and be the envy of your friends. Level 4 required and you must be proficient at survival OR explosives (50 in either).

I have always found the traps in FO3 and New Vegas to be a little extreme. If you use mods that increase trap or explosive damage, booby traps will often be instantly fatal, and ridiculously hard to spot. And taking Light Step as a perk completely reverses the situation and makes traps/mines trivial and boring. So this mod attempts to balance that out in two ways.

1. Firstly it adds a couple of ways to detect traps. The hand held device works whenever held, but obviously this means you cannot be holding a weapon at the same time. The perk does not have that problem, but it only works when you are sneaking. You have ways to detect traps, but you still need to be careful and make some choices.

2. The Light step perk has been changed so that it only works, when a trap/mine is detected*. Step onto a mine or trap without detecting it first, and it will activate. To balance the reduction in power for this perk, it is now available at lvl 10, and no longer required 6 PER (makes no sense to require this if you must already have detect traps).

*mines 'remember' that you detected them once you pass close enough to activate them. So even after you turn detect traps off, you can often still light step those mines. But don't rely on it :)

Originally this mod was intended as an addon to my advanced recon thermal nightvision, but I made it as a stand alone mod for people who just wanted the trap detection. And so was born the Traponator 4000 :)

NVSE required. Sorry, there is no way around this.

DOwnload and activate the main file, along with any optional files required.

Used by other mods
Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision.

Fully compatible with
Light Step ED-E
PMT Nastier mines and grenades

Compatible with an optional patch
none yet.

Possible Conflicts
None that I know of. It does not change any existing scripts.

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My policy is to give kudos to anyone who posts images, helps someone with my mods or helps me find a bug. You need to post a comment too so I can give kudos :)