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Adds craftable junk weapons to the game with new meshes and textures

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This mod adds a few craftable junk weapons to New Vegas.
To install the mod, place the ESP file you want to use in your Fallout New Vegas Data folder and check mark it in your game launcher.
Place the meshes and texture files in your data folder and have them copy over into the originals.

The are two ESP files:

Scrap Weapons Complete - The mod as I play it. You start out with the scrap weapon Doc gives you based on your tagged skill.
Energy weapons = Zap Pistol
Guns = Zip Gun
IF you do Sunny's tutorial, she gives you a Pipe Rifle regardless of your tagged skill.
You still get the guns in leveled loot and can still craft them too.

Scrap Weapons recipes only - All you can do is craft the scrap weapons with this file. Should be the most compatible version.


Added 3 new weapons and some weapons mesh and texture changes.

Laser Revolver - Junk laser pistol. Uses 2 energy cells per shot with a 12 round capacity.
Damage is close to a 44 revolver, but with max charge ammo can compare to a .308 sniper.
Not as accurate as one due to its construction.
Can be modded with the Bottle Sight mod.
Craftable with 2 Scrap Metal, 3 Scrap Electronics, 1 Knife, 1 Wonderglue, and 1 Pilot Light.
(Plays well with the Energy Visuals Enhanced mod for some awesome laser criticals.)

Pipe Cannon - Simple tri-barrel breach loaded shotgun. Comes in 2 flavors, 20 and 12 gauge.
Craftable with 3 Lead Pipes 1 Fission Battery, 1 Wonderglue, 1 Knife, and 1 Scrap Metal.

Plasma Sword - Upgraded Junk sword. Low durability due to needing to be "recharged" with microfusion
cells. Craftable with a Junk sword, 2 Scrap Electronics, 1 Fission Battery, 1 Conductor, and 2 Scrap Metal.
(Plays well with the Energy Visuals Enhanced mod for some awesome plasma effects and criticals.)

Textures enhanced on the pipe weapons.
Bottle Sight mod added to the Junk Ak. Removed shot glass sight from unmodded Junk AK.
Heatsink mod added to the Fire Hose.
New icons added.
Icon and sound files missing from last update added.
Removed Irradiated 9mm round due to bugs.

Updated to Version 1.3

Added 3 new weapons

The Fire Hose- Junk flame thrower. Craftable with some tin cans, a fire hose nozzle, a pilot light, scrap electronics and a paint gun.
-You can also create a extra tank mod for it from a depleted fuel tank, a wrench, scrap metal, and some wonder glue.
-The fire hose can use flamer fuel and homemade flamer fuel, but it will last longer if you use junk fuel.
-Junk fuel can be crafted at a reloading bench with whiskey, scotch, vodka, or moonshine and wonderglue.
-The better the booze, the more fuel it will make.

Scrap Shuriken- Throwing stars cut from tin cans.( I had some trouble creating these. Sometimes when you hit something with one and throw another one, the projectile is not visable. Using another projectile weapon fixes this.)
They still work and can be quite effective if you poison them. Craft them with tin cans or bent tin cans with a hammer.

Homemade C4 and dynamite- Crafting a Chemical Extractor and having it in your inventory will enable you to craft some homemade explosives.
-Craft a Chemical Extractor with a coffeepot, drinking glass, pressure cooker, wonderglue, patriot's cookbook and a hot plate .
-You will need to find some plants high in nitrates, pinto beans will do in a pinch, but Xander root and carrots will yield 3x as much.
Then follow this chain of crafting:


Nitrates x 3 + Purified Water = Nitric Acid + Hexamine (crafted from Turpentine) = RDX + Binding Compound (crafted from wonderglue and a plunger) = C4

Now craft a c4 detonator (scrap electronics and wonderglue) and craft .5 lb, 1 lb or 2 lb of C4 with a detonator and 1, 2 or 4 units of C4.

Flamer fuel = Benzene = Toluene + Nitrates x3 = Dynamite x2

Don't have a Detonator the trigger the C4 with? You can create a Junk Detonator with scrap metal and electronics, wonderglue and an energy cell.
It won't last as long as the real thing, but it will detonate any explosives a vanilla Detonator will.


The starting weapons do not do a lot of damage, so don't expect to take down anything armored with them easily. They are more for making the start of the game more challenging.

Weapons added in version 1.2

Scrap Heap Reaper. A scythe crafted from a crutch and a lawnmower blade wire wrapped and glue together.

Graphite Accelerator. A jury rigged accelerator cannon. uses crafted pencil "lead" rounds.

Zip Submachine Gun. Upgraded Zipgun for fully automatic fire. It has a craftable extended mag mod.

Junk AK. Fully automatic 5mm Scrap assault rifle with a 20 round mag. Can be modded with a craftable 50 round box mag.

5.56, .357, and 308 pipe rifles. Larger versions of the basic 9mm version. They can all be modded with pipe rifle mods.

Junk ammo (Normal and Depleted Uranium) for each of the pipe rifles, the zip gun. zip submachine gun, and junk AK. It does not do as much
damage and it will tear your gun apart faster.

New way crafting is organized:

All recipes have (JW) in the name so you can find them easier.

You have to find a copy of fixin things and open it to get your free hobby knife.
You will get a used copy of fixin things so you can still read it.
You will need at least a hobby knife in your inventory to be able to see any of the crafting recipes,
except the shiv.

You will need a barrel kit to craft larger pipe rifles and break them down into parts for making others.

Some high end junk weapons like the .357,.308 pipe rifles, and Junk AK will require decent repair skill and
a advanced crafting kit to create. Because the advanced crafting kit requires a Dean's electronics to craft it can be broken down so you can read it later.

I also added a bonus weapon to a certain abandoned shack near Goodsprings.
A unique 9mm Pipe Rifle, it was my attempt at making a pipe rifle mesh in blender closer to the fallout 2
pipe rifle. If you like it, you can put normal pipe rifle mods on it, its damage is a bit higher then a normal
pipe rifle and its spread is not as bad.

Weapons added in version 1.1

Potato Launcher: a bulky spud cannon, firing three potato based ammo types with a room for 2 rounds.It has a +2 round ext clip mod made from a tin can, bobby pin and a Prewar Toaster (not the more common postwar ones)

Baked potato - a fresh potato with a stick of dynamite inside.

Hot potato - a sticky mixture of InstaMash, Abraxo and flamer fuel
with a 20 gauge to send it burning over long distances.

Chip Shot - (WARNING:this ammo do not work as intended at the moment, not that it is not lethal,it just does not poison) potato crisps powdered with abraxo and dynamite with a 10mm for propellant.

Railway Rifle: an old friend from fallout 3,made with the same parts, a steam gauge assembly,crutch,pressure cooker and fission battery. you can keep it firing junk spikes using 5 piles of scrap metal at a reloading bench.

Incendary Frag Grenade: use scrap electronics to wire up a tin can, coffee mug and flamerfuel, with 15 bbs taped to the side for even more limb damage (you must have duct tape in your inventory to see this recipe)

Junk Sword: real simple, scrap metal holding a hammer and lawn mower blade together.

Crap Cudgel: a lead and scrap metal filled plunger with a bonesaw glued to the side.

Shiv: no skill needed here, just scrap metal and duct tape and you will have just the thing for getting your point across.and you get the tape back.

Molotov: a mixture of turpentine and detergent in an empty soda bottle
you will need a tin can for measuring but you will get it back.

Irradiated 9mm round: a nasty round only the pipe rifle can fire without jamming. Constructed from 5 hollow point 9mm rounds, a fission battery and dynamite, (makes 5 rounds) they are like dirty bombs in bullet form. (don't use in close courters if you don't like radiation)

Zip Gun Mods:

Zip gun extended clip (+10 rounds)
3 bobby pins, 1 fission battery, 1 wonderglue
Zip gun damage upgrade (+8 damage)
1 jet, 1 scrap metal, wonderglue, 3 bleak venom
Zip gun Better fitting parts (200% condition)
2 bobby pins, 3 scrap metal, 1 whet stone, abraxo


Pipe Rife - A small, crude single shot rifle made from gluing old lead pipes, some metal scraps and cutting boards together.

This weapon has two craftable mods:

A milk bottle scope constructed with glued on camera lenses.

An improvised silencer constructed from a glued on bottle of dirty water with tin can baffles.

Zip Gun - A poorly built, homemade pistol made from a lead pipe and spare parts, with a knife handle glued on for a grip.

Zap Pistol - A jury rigged, burst shot energy weapon, made from the hull of a conductor and a few piles of scrap electronics, with a knife handle glued on for a grip.

Dynamite Charge - A Powder Charge with 5 sticks of Dynamite glued to it.
you will need a explosives skill of at least 40 to figure the wiring out though.

To uninstall delete the esp file, the Scrap weapons folders from the meshes and textures folders.
and remove the folder at:
and remove the loose files at:

Future Updates: I would like to get some feedback on this mod and then I will try to use it to improve and add more content.

Want to use this mod or a part of it in your mod? Go ahead, just remember to give me credit.