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This changes all casinos to have larger pay-out maximums, but without making the game too easy. This mod also includes raises to the amount of chips cashiers will change and increases the maximum betting limits as required.

Permissions and credits
Improved Casinos v1.01
for Fallout New Vegas

Author: Mr. Excitement!

If you enjoy this mod, let me know.
If you don't enjoy it - let me know!

Contact info: mrexcitementmods (at) hotmail (dot) com

Description \ Features

I found the casinos in Fallout New Vegas don't pay out enough money to make
the gambling worthwhile (roughly pays out only 42,000 caps if you max out
EVERY casino). I have tried the other casino pay-out mods, but their pay
outs are ridiculously high and make the game way too easy, way too soon.

So I created my own casino mod(s) to increase the casino limits, but to more
reasonable amounts. I have included three mods that increase the casino
maximum pay-outs gradually, so you can pick the level that suits you.

To reflect the higher new casino limits, I have also:

-Raised the maximum table bet limits
-Added 5,000 and 10,000 cashing amounts to the cashiers where needed


Mod 1) Improved Casinos 2X.esp

Casino LimitMax Bet

Ultra-Lux: 30,000 1,500
The Tops: 20,000 1,000
Gomorrah: 18,000 1,000
Atomic Wrangler: 10,000 500
Vicky & Vance's: 5,000 250

Total Winnings: 83,000 caps (Approximately)

Mod 2) Improved Casinos 3X.esp

Casino LimitMax Bet

Ultra-Lux: 50,000 2,000
The Tops: 30,000 1,500
Gomorrah: 25,000 1,000
Atomic Wrangler: 15,000 500
Vicky & Vance's: 7,500 250

Total Winnings: 127,500 caps (Approximately)

Mod 3) Improved Casinos 4X.esp

Casino LimitMax Bet

Ultra-Lux: 60,000 2,500
The Tops: 40,000 2,000
Gomorrah: 30,000 1,500
Atomic Wrangler: 20,000 1,000
Vicky & Vance's: 10,000 500

Total Winnings: 160,000 caps (Approximately)

I prefer the 3X version in my own games. The winnings don't make for a
"Monty Haul" game and there is still a need to earn or trade for caps.

Files Included

Improved Casinos 2X.esp
Improved Casinos 3X.esp
Improved Casinos 4X.esp
Improved Casinos Read Me.txt

Improved Casinos 3X.esp OR Improved Casinos 4X.esp).

Using more than one file may cause problems in game.

1) Extract the desired ESP file and the Read Me File from the zip into your
\Fallout New Vegas\Data directory.
2) Start the Launcher, click 'Data Files', Check the selected Improved Casinos
ESP file.
3) Enjoy!

Delete the following files from your \Fallout New Vegas\Data directory:

Improved Casinos 2X.esp OR Improved Casinos 3X.esp OR Improved Casinos 4X.esp
Improved Casinos Read Me.txt

Change Log
-Release version.

-Fixed an error with some cashier pay-outs

Legal Stuff
This mod is released "as is". I take no responsibility if it causes an issues
with your game or computer system. If your computer gains sentience and tries
to take over the world, blame someone else. Google has lots of money-try them.

You are free to use this mod in any of your mods. Just give the mod name and
me a mention in your read me file.

Contact me at: mrexcitementmods (at) hotmail (dot) com