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Power armor fit for a Fiend Overlord.

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Adds three new sets of power armor that have been "decorated" by fiends to strike fear into all who see them, along with matching helms.
The Fiendish Power Armor is 34DT, +2 Str and carries its own weight when worn.
The Fiendish Power Armor Helms all reduce Charisma by 2 points, but to offset this they give the wearer the Terrifying Presence perk. DT 7.

Just copy the ESP and the BSA file into your games Data folder and make sure the esp is selected in your load order.

Known issues
Ok, if you sit while wearing this armor the shoulder rotate in a bizarre way. This is not the fault of the armor, but is a known bug with many of the power armors in the game. The only reason I mention it, is one of the people wearing the armor in game is sitting when you meet him, and it looks slightly odd.

There is a locations and console codes text file included in the download. Or you could try finding it. It is fairly obvious when you think about it. There are only a few reasonable choices :)

Optional nightvision and thermal imaging addon
PLEASE note that the nightvision and thermal imaging addon found in the file section requires that you already have the Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision mod installed. That mod is large, complex, and requires NVSE and FOMM. So leave it alone if you want simple.

Authors note
Not totally sure what possessed me to make this armor, but I was playing around with some ideas and it just sort of came into existance. I have the armor and helms before I really even knew where I could include them in the game. Obviously they may be a little over the top for some people.

Please dont download and then get all negative on me for it not being lore friendly etc. It was meant to be mostly tongue in cheek :)