Fallout New Vegas


  1. Dracomies
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    For the lastest version of New Vegas Redesigned, you can go here:

    New Vegas Redesigned 3
  2. 6vol66
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    dose it work with ttw
  3. DeviantLocated
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    can someone help, why alexander still vanilla?

    Edit : Fixed it by put it at bottom of load order.
  4. Anqayas
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    Does this version add random NPCs? Cause version 3 does and it's dropping my fps.
  5. Viorotica
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    Where's the Aesthetics version? Is it the default version of Redesigned 2? Because Cass looks the same as vanilla.
    1. HadToRegister
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      This is why Description Pages exist, and why people should read them.
      The Aesthetics version
      This particular version is still under construction.

    2. Andizzzzy
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      Really? even though it hasnt been updated in 6 (nearly 7) years? Yet in your mind the description page is still valid.

      Poeple are allowed to start asking these types of questions when a page is severely out of date.
    3. panzersnapdragon1
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      If there was an update, it would be on the description page. Go read the description page, really pay attention to the details, then report to us again and let us know if there is an update to whether or not the aesthetics version is complete or even still being worked on. Your post is a year old, certainly you've had time since then to read it and get back to us, yes?
    4. billybobsatan
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      man you sure got him with that absolutely biting sarcasm i bet he pissed himself reading that complete scathe of a post
  6. stormcloud121
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    i think i broke the body meshes, theyre no working for most powder ganger outfits, the Merc crusier , and the one kings out fit thats sleeveless , should i just deletes all the meshes and textures then reinstall new vegas?
  7. MrWasteland
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    One way to fix Face/Body tone Mismatch - "IT JUST WORKS!" It solved a large part of the problems I was having.

    "Generating Mod-Specific Face Textures
    To generate textures only for the NPCs added by a specific mod, you may employ an undocumented method to generate the textures for specific NPCs. This is very quick — usually taking no more than a few seconds.

    If the mod is not already an ESM, it must be converted to an ESM due to a limitation in the GECK. You will need to enable the mod's ESM flag by using WRYE BASH or FNVEDIT, or another similar utility.
    In FNVEdit, load the plugin, select the File Header, and right-click on the "Record Flags" near the top. Tick "ESM". Then save the plugin.
    In Wrye Bash, right-click on the plugin and choose "ESMify".
    Load the GECK and load your plugin.
    Select all NPCs added by the mod.
    This is much easier when sorting by FormID (see How to Keep Track of Your Records).
    Press Ctrl+F4 on the keyboard. A message box should pop up in short order saying "Done!"
    You may close the GECK without saving — you do not need to save the plugin in the GECK unless you made any other changes.
    If you had flagged the ESP as an ESM and want to distribute your mod as an ESP, you should reverse the ESMify process.
    In FNVEdit, repeat the same steps as in 1, above.
    In Wrye Bash, right-click on the plugin and choose "ESPify".
    After following these steps, the mod's body textures and facial textures will have been exported to the following folders:

    Data\textures\characters\BodyMods\yourespname.esp\ (or .esm)
    Data\textures\characters\FaceMods\yourespname.esp\ (or .esm)
    If you had renamed the file (e.g., if using Wrye Bash) to .esm but will distribute the plugin as an ESP, be sure to rename the folders to be .esp rather than .esm. Be sure to distribute these files along your mod so that your NPCs will always have perfect textures regardless of whether the end user has made any edits to their INI files."

    Someone please pin this comment at the beginning so everyone can see it.
    Thank you.
    1. NobodyNobody666
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      thankyou for saving my time with this.
  8. computertech82
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    hmm...seems this mod auto crashed the game back to desktop. Not even an error message. uninstall, game works fine.
  9. GaleBlue
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    question, the changes in this one (Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 2) is includded in your other mod (Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 3)?
  10. thedumbfish123
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    Please tell me that I'm not the only person who prefers the second version to the third version? I feel like the third version just makes the characters look almost as ugly as FCO.
    1. elite149
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      You're not alone, I like the fact that this mod keeps it fairly simple whilst also expanding on the original designs. Version 3, in my opinion, makes too many drastic changes that don't really work with the characters. Not to say I don't like NVR3 mind you.
    2. ELPascal
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      My biggest issue with both FCO and NVR3 is the inconsistency between characters that were affected by the mods and those that weren't - you have these ultrarealistic HD faces on the one hand and the vanilla potatoes on the other, it just doesn't mesh. NVR2 strikes the best balance in that regard.
    3. User_69378728
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      You are not the only alone who prefers second
    4. ozzyfan
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      Yeah I prefer the second version tbh it suits the game better.
  11. Lance113
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    This mod is not Lore Friendly. The adjustments, modifications and additions are based entirely on the vision of how the author of the mod believes that things should be or how he would like them to be, but not as they really are. The immersion is lost when there are things added without reason or completely modified designs only because before they were not "enough aesthetic" or because the author did not like what it looked like.
    1. IncestCorn
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      The mod author made all the changes based on lore and in-game references. Idk bout you but I find it a hell of a lot more lore-friendly for a corpse to have bullet holes when they've been said to have been shot than for their body to look pristine and undamaged.
    2. Sonja
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      This..coming from somebody who has endorsed the Mikoto Beauty Pack. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that mod, but you CAN NOT claim it is more lore-friendly than this one.
    3. Loveblanket
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      Then don't use it? This is how they want the game to look, if you don't like it move along, but why put a nasty comment? Slow day?