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This is a mod created by Dracomies, the author of Dragon Age Redesigned and Fallout 3 Project Beauty HD. The goal of Fallout New Vegas Redesigned is to improve upon realism, lore and character design for each of the characters in Fallout New Vegas.

Permissions and credits

Welcome to Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 2. The original file was called Fallout New Vegas Redesigned. It was created in January of 2011.

However, due to complications and a lack of interest, the files were discontinued, scrapped and hidden for nearly a year. As of 2012, I reopened the files and have resumed work upon them. Because the changes are much more expansive and span across a year's worth of work, I decided to label it as Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 2.

This is a video clip of some changes in Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 2. It shows various versions between Lore and Aesthetics. Keep in mind that the designs may have changed or are subject to change. Just like my other mods, Dragon Age Redesigned and Fallout 3 Redesigned, I hope to improve upon the character designs and will be open to any and all feedback from the community.

A great video made by Gophervids which explains what the mod is and provides very detailed instructions on how to install it. Thanks Gopher!

The goal of Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 2 is to improve upon realism, lore and character design for each of the characters in Fallout New Vegas.

This mod will redesign NPCs in Fallout New Vegas to fix skin issues, face proportions, personality mismatches, etc. in an attempt to make each character fit better with the the lore of Fallout New Vegas.

If a character was intended to be conniving, depraved, ruthless, ugly, beautiful, innocuous, jaded, happy, angry, sad, frightened, young, old, middle-aged, impulsive, hungry...I made changes to reflect that. Subtle changes were made in anatomy, proportions, and textures to reinforce each design.

As time goes on, I will change the designs and the world based upon the feedback of the community. Keep in mind that not all images of character changes have been displayed.

The world of Fallout is a dark and gritty world.

It's not all about anime eyes, fancy hairs, perfect skin and supermodels.

and I wanted to create the world Interplay and Tim Cain intended with the release of Fallout in 1997.

The Lore version contains mostly tweaks to designs. It's a better version of the renditions made by Obsidian.I tried to think a little bit outside the box. I wanted to stay consistent with the art direction of the originals but to improve upon them as best as I could. If a character displayed a particular emotion, I would try to make him look more realistic but capture the emotion he conveyed. I made adjustments to give the illusion of realism. If the hair color looked fluorescent and saturated, I made it blonde, red haired, brown, black, etc.I tried to make the characters look believable. The lore version keeps things consistent, removing things that look out of place but keeping the dark and gritty feel of the original art design and direction.

The way to make the Lore version work is to simply check NVR- Lore Version.esp. That being said, I would recommend enabling the master, New Vegas Redesigned II.esm as that contains changes which are critical for all three versions. Again, I must reiterate that if you would like to enable the Lore version of this mod, it's best to use it in tandem with the master file, New Vegas Redesigned II.esm.

The Recommended version contains a mixture of the Lore version and "creative" designs. I call them "creative" because it's a little bit of a different stance. It's how I personally envision the characters should look like. In as much as the original design team for Fallout New Vegas had their vision with their art direction, I had my own as well and added these to the characters. I wanted to show a contrast between a seasoned war veteran, a young child, a homeless person on the street, a beautiful and jaded prostitute, a cheery merchant.

The Recommended version was made with a lot of thought and it is currently the version that I have running on my own computer at home. It has the best balance between the Lore version (the original art direction) but also has my art style embedded into them.

To enable the recommended version, simply enable FNVR - Recommended but have it alongside New Vegas Redesigned II.esm.

This particular version is still under construction.

This mod will conflict with any and all mods that directly change NPCs

If you have never installed Fallout mods, Fallout Mod Manager, please keep in mind that this mod requires a great deal of experience beforehand for everything to work properly.

Because a large variety of NPCs have been redesigned, the eye textures, the geometric changes, etc. will not be compatible with other mods. This is a fault of the Fallout New Vegas GECK engine as inventory of an NPC is not separated from the appearance of an NPC.

Because of this, I would recommend the following. It's not a deal breaker if you don't have this, but it helps with nearly 100% of all problems that may occur with this mod. This is a face mod and face mods crash with everything. So the one real way to counter all that is to use FNVEdit or Garybash. That being said, this mod will work perfectly by itself. But of course, what fun is Fallout New Vegas without other mods. And because of that I recommend the following:

1.You have an understanding of FNVEdit. (ESSENTIAL)

2. You should know what a .esp file, .esm file is. (Essential)

3.You should know how to work with load orders (Essential)

4. You should have previous experience with installing Fallout New Vegas mods, including where the mesh, Data and Texture folders go. (Essential)

5.You should have some experience with GECK. (Helpful)

6.You should have previous experience with Fallout Mod Manager. (Highly recommended)

7.You have an understanding that my intentions are not to make my mod work with every mod in existence.

Please follow the directions in this exact order

1.Install Archive Invalidated

UPDATE: The mod above no longer seems to work. In fact, this month, it was very very difficult to get Archive Invalidated working. But in the main file, I provided a CALIBRATION AND SKIN FIXES folder which should help you.

Install the meshes and textures to the places that they need to go. Watch this video here if you don't know how to do this.

Meshes go to Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas\Data\meshes

Textures go to C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas\Data\Textures

It may be different on your CPU.

This mod is meant for your own personal use. You are free to do whatever you wish to do with the mod as long as it is for yourself. Please don't put this mod in your own mod. Rather, just send them a direct link to this site on Fallout New Vegas Nexus. It's not that hard to do but it really helps modders all over.

I know that it may seem like I'm being possessive over this mod, but it's such a small request and it's what keeps me working on this mod for you. I worked really hard to make this and there's nothing more demotivating when people take my work and alter it and steal it.

I know technically, there's nothing I really can do about it. But the more that people are willing to help, the more motivation I get to make more of these mods for you. :P

http://i.imgur.com/1tCZw.jpg " />
Q: This mod seems to crash a lot with other mods.

A: Yes, this mod will be incompatible with many other mods. It's because the GECK engine affects everything when a minor thing is changed on an NPC. So if there are two or three mods that are affecting the same NPC, it will cause problems. The way to fix this is to edit things with FNV Edit or to use GaryBash.

Q The face doesn't seem to match the skin below the neck

A: This was something that I struggled with. Keep in mind that there are three stages of this problem. The first problem is where it is..way off. It's where the face is white and the skin is black. This is a problem that occurs when Archive Invalidation isn't working properly.

The second problem is where the face matches the skin below the neck but it's still a tad noticeable. If this is where you are, you're OK. This is normal! Unfortunately........Fallout New Vegas and even Fallout 3 has had major issues with this and it never goes away. Although there are many bods that fix this, there's nothing really that fixes the problem...you sort of get used to it after a while. If it really, really bothers you, there's a mod here:


Known issues:

Project Mikoto will overwrite most of the textures in this project. The eyes used in that project overwrite my blue eyes, green eyes, etc. Our interpretation of the colors, hues, saturation, contrast and shape of human eyes are very different.

Dracomies- Head design, GECK, eye textures, skin texture calibration

GabbyStardust- GS textures

Thank you for working with me on Fallout 3 Project Beauty in 2008. Your aid in textures/GS textures has really changed everything and improved upon so many aspects of this project.

Captainishere- Female texture

Thank you for giving me permission to work with your face textures.

Throttlekitty- Eyelashes and head fixes

Thank you for giving me permission to include the head fixes and eyelashes

Dimon99- Body textures
Thank you for giving me permission to edit the body texture so that I could match it with the face textures.

Geonox - Thank you for letting me use your textures in this mod. They make a world of a difference.

JosefGrey- Thank you for allowing us to use your textures. They fit perfectly for specialized NPCs within New Vegas.

BlackBlossom- DIRTY AND GRITTY Raider female face (really gives that dark, gritty, realistic and detailed face to female raiders)
Permission: Unconfirmed

The original mod is here:


Suprisingly, this texture by BlackBlossom hits the lore perfectly. It makes the raider female faces look very, very realistic. I made a small change to it and cleaned it up just a tiny, tiny bit. But full credit goes to BlackBlossom and the mod should be downloaded in its entirety. I call this an unconfirmed credit as I am awaiting BlackBlossom's feedback on whether I have the go-ahead to include her texture here.