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This is a mod created by Dracomies, the author of Dragon Age Redesigned and Fallout 3 Project Beauty HD. The goal of Fallout New Vegas Redesigned is to improve upon realism, lore and character design for each of the characters in Fallout New Vegas.

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The goal of Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 2 was to improve upon realism, lore and character design.

This mod will fix skin issues, ghastly neon hair (there's a lot), white splotches, poor face proportions, personality mismatches, etc in an attempt to make each character look a bit more realistic.  


The Lore version contains mostly tweaks to designs. If the hair color looked fluorescent and saturated, I made it blonde, red haired, brown, black, etc. I tried to make the characters look believable. The lore version keeps things consistent, removing things that look out of place but keeping the original design (even if I didn't agree with it)

To enable the Lore design just check NVR- Lore Version.esp. 


The Recommended version contains a mixture of the Lore version and "creative" designs. 

Moving an eyebrow here, changing the hair color there imo basically makes your design only as good as the original designer (who probably hit an autogenerate random button). Many of the character designs for New Vegas were rushed and making tweaks weren't enough to fix the design. The Recommended version takes the next step and improves upon the original designs by strides. It's the most commonly used version in NVR 2.

To enable the recommended version, simply enable FNVR - Recommended but have it alongside New Vegas Redesigned II.esm.