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Allows you to choose how much XP you get from kills, quests, and everything else.

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This is a port of the XP chooser mod from FO3 with permission from the author miggo.

It adds an item to the apparel section of the pipboy that when used allows you to adjust the amount of XP you want. You can choose from 0% to 500%. Also when the mod first loads it will give you the menu right away. Set it to default if you don't want any changes made, and revert back to the default XP for the game.


Default - 100%

0%, 10%, 25%, 33%, 50%, 66%, 75%, 90%
5%, 150%, 200%, 250%, 333%, 500%

If you are ever too lose the item in the pipboy there is also a switch on top of a safe on the side of Chet's store where the workbench, and reload bench is. Just activate the switch, and it will bring up the menu. You can also use the safe for storing things early on if you don't have a spot to put things.


1. Simply extract the downloaded archive into you data directory or place the choose_XP.esp into your data directory

2. Activate the mod using whatever mod manager you are using.

In game, choose the option: default. Then you should be able to safely delete the esp.

Known Issues or Bugs

1. I haven't tested this mod with the Swift Learner perk activated, so results may vary if you picked it or have mods installed, which change the amount of XP granted. (If you tested this, please let me know ;) )
2. If you do have mods installed, which change the XP tables of the game, e.g. giving you 60 XP instead of 30 when killing a raider, but keeping all Quest XP values, you'll receive a percentaged amount based off these values.

Credits go to miggo, the original author of the mod. I just simply ported it being it is my favorite XP mod.