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Cozy little apartment near the strip.

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A one-room apartment near the gate to the strip. Fast-travel to the "The Strip North Gate" marker, turn right and walk three seconds, its the poster-encrusted door on the right.

In the hallway there's a locked door and a turret, the turret keeps the occasional crazed local away, you can lock/unlock the door and activate/deactivate the turret using the terminal to the left of the door. You can do the same from the terminal in the room, just in case you feel like locking yourself in.

Inside you will find several containers, named for your convenience, a workbench, reloading bench, a chemistry set and stove which run the campfire script, some clean water sources, a playerbed and a number of functioning lightswitches.

Version 1.2: The left weapon footlocker, and the armor locker now have four compartments each, Small Guns, Melee & Unarmed, Big Guns & Explosives and Energy Weapons and Light, Medium, Heavy and Headgear respectively. If you used the old version you should get all your stuff out of the containers before updating or it will be lost.

Version 1.3: The weapon stand now shows all unique weapons that are in the left weapon footlocker. Just put them into the corresponding compartment and activate the weapon stand and they will show. Supported are all(~40) unique weapons excluding pre-order bonuses and non-droppable quest weapons that can be acquired before the battle of hoover dam.

Inspiration(skip if bored easily):

I was unhappy with the vanilla player homes and the ones made by other modders were either too unrealistically sophisticated, too big or too ordinary for my taste (no insult intended, to each his own).

I imagine the Courier to be a tinkerer and mercenary, so the somewhat cluttered apartment looks like its lived in by someone who gets into gunfights frequently and spends his time working on drugs, medicine and weapon modifications... and may be a tiny bit insane. He found the top-floor of this office building to be relatively intact and spent some time restorating it with Gomorrah leftovers and fortifying it with a heavy door and a turret to ward off unwanted guests. Safety first. Then he went off on an errand run and got shot in the face.

Its located near the strip because I wanted to live in an urban environment, near a vanilla fast-travel marker and have only one loading screen in-between. I wanted quick access to the strip and freeside for questing purposes and be in walking distance to some shops for my hardcore mode water/food shopping needs. On the inside, all containers and useful activators are located in close proximity in a single room to minimize frustration.

The hallway is supposed to look a little like the one in The Secret World cgi trailer, the general look was inspired somewhat by John Constantines flat from the movie. While fooling around with the Geck I got a Zak McKracken vibe so I added a couple of comments the Courier makes when clicking on some of the furniture and decoration. The plant (Audrey) is there for low-maintenance companionship. On the entertainment front there are two radios tuned to different stations, a terminal with Fallout 3's "Reign of Grelok" text adventure and an H.P. Lovecraft short story which is public domain.