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This mod lets you pick up any bedroll in the game, drop it wherever you want, and sleep on it. UPDATE: Two Well Rested editions now available!

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Portable Bedroll (by Volek)

This mod lets you pick up any bedroll in the game, drop it wherever you want, and sleep on it.

UPDATE: Well Rested edition now available! It's basically the same mod, but it gives you the Well Rested Spell after sleeping, just as if you have slept in your player bed.

UDPATE 2: Well Rested Indoors edition now available! Same as the Well Rested edition, but you will only get the spell when sleeping in interior cells.

Extract the ESP file to your New Vegas/Data folder and activate it with FOMM or the New Vegas Launcher.

Deactivate and delete the ESP file

The mod is based on scripts created by Antistar for his Portable Mattress mod for Fallout 3, although i did a lot of changes to the scripts. You can pick up only one bedroll at a time, and when you drop it, you cannot change the position, so there may be clipping issues with walls and other obstacles. At certain angles, it may be hard to focus on the bedroll to activate it, just move in closer and it should work. I recommend to use it only in rooms or in flat terrain, the vanilla bedroll meshes do not use Havok physics!

I'd like to add Havok physics to the bedroll meshes, so it can be placed on sloped terrain. First tests worked, but the mesh slides downhill, and has weird effects on other stuff like clutter and dead bodies. If anyone can give me a hint how to do this with NifSkope, please write a PM or comment, thanks!

Do whatever you want with this file, but please credit me and Antistar if you upload anything based on this. And please drop a line, i'd like to know about it.

Bethesda/Obsidian: the G.E.C.K. and the game

Antistar: Portable Mattress

Thanks to Switch Girl for the Well Rested idea.