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Convert food plants into seeds and grow them.
You can also spread fungus spores on normal plants to make them grow faster.

Permissions and credits
Original Farming Bob for Fallout 3.

Farming Bob NV

Growing Fungus can be harvested in Vault 22 in the Pest Control floor where you rescue Keene.
Once you have that item, you can convert food plants into seeds and grow them.
You have to drop the "Growing Fungus" and Sneak and Activate it to get the menu options.

This works for all New Vegas food plants.
This works for Apple, Pear, Mutfruit and Crunchy Mutfruit, potatoes and carrots.

If you Sneak and activate the plant, you will get new menu options.
If you don't sneak, this mod assumes you are trying to harvest your crop.

Broc Flowers and White Horsenettle like to burrow into the ground when you plant them.
When you plant these two flowers, you get a pile of dirt.
Click on the dirt to dig the flower out of the ground.
Click on the dirt a second time to clear the dirt away.

There are a few quests involving Vault 22, so you may want to read about those.

Change Log
Patch 1.03
Friendly Neighbor - Nevada Highway Patrol station - inside - on top of the reloading bench.
Chops people up for cooking into Strange meat.

Wheat grass - outside Vault 22 - just to the left of the entrance.
You can now grow Wheat.

Convert Bag of Growing fungus into Cave fungus.
You can get another bag of Growing fungus every 3 days.

Recipes for:
Strange meat
Strange meat pie

Allow auto-harvest of normal plants.(Even owned plants)
Fixed bug with auto-harvesting Agave and Pears.

Known bugs
*Bug--Taking a stack of seedlings only gives you one seedling
*Un-resolved--I don't think I can fix this.
4 kinds of Fruit trees. Apple, Pear, Mutfruit and Crunchy Mutfruit.
They grow, they bear fruit.
They take 10 days to mature.
Trees change leaf colors, with 4 seasons.
You can manually choose a color.

You can farm Potatoes, Carrots and Pinyon Nuts.
Potatoes and carrots take 6 days to grow to maturity.
You can upgrade the New Vegas plants.
Modified New Vegas plants take three days to grow to maturity.

You can uproot plants and trees.

You can convert all modified plants back to the normal version.

If you ignore the plants, they grow one fruit/vegetable per day.
If you water them, you can get more.

If you are standing, clicking on the tree/plant gives the standard action of picking/harvesting.
If you are sneaking, you get the menu options.

You don't get the menu options if you have already picked the vegetables off the normal plant. You will have to wait till the plant resets.

You can enable random spawns.
Once random spawns are enabled, once a day, when the Player interacts with a plant, there is a chance that something will spawn.
The actual spawn occurs 24 hours later.

Growing Fungus can be harvested in Vault 22 in the Pest Control floor where you rescue Keene.


To uninstall:
Delete theMeshes\clutter\Bobfolder
Delete theSound\FX\Bobfxfolder
Delete theFarmingSomebodyNotBob.espfile

You may not include the scripts from this mod in your mods.
You may not re-upload this mod somewhere else.
Permission to update/modify this file has been given to masternetra and re-upload the alternate version here on the Nexus

All items can be taken and carried in your inventory.
All items can be grabbed and swung around.

Bag of Growing Fungus - inside Vault 22, in the bottom pit. Pest Control floor.