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Food, Chems and Drinks revamp to include realistic weight, realistic hunger, thirst restore rates and removed all hp restore effects.

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Version 1.3
1. Gave special food and drinks more love by extending the duration for their special effects.
Makes you now really consider eating them to give you that extra boost for the afternoon!
2. Re-worked some misc. items' weights for more realistic values.

To update, just download the Main File, extract and overwrite all previous existing files.
Savegame compatible.

Decided not to give sanitizers' any change, unless someone requests :)

Version 1.2
1. Fixed a bug causing a few of the food not giving the correct hunger, thirst restore rate.
2. Renamed file for better filename clarity.

Delete previous .esp files and load the new downloaded .esp files from here.

Version 1.1
1. Changed the description of the Survival Skill to reflect no hitpoints increase.


As part of my RHF - Realistic Hardcore Fun Mods Compilation:

I separated my own Food, Chems and Drinks revamp project mod to a separate download here.

You will be in for pleasant surprises as this mod will make you go through your game looking at the various food to choose what to eat and keep to eat later.
Don't like to keep having to eat 3-5 FancyLads Snacks to curb your hunger? Cook up a proper steak or stew!
Not enough survival skills to cook it? Put points in them then!
Don't want to up your survival skills and can't find enough food to curb your hunger? Buy them! :p

Brief list of changes:

1. All items have realistic weights based on a simple rule that Bottled Purified Water = 1WG.
Hence you know Stimpacks can't be 0WG or 0.02WG, Stimpacks weigh 0.1WG here.

2. Removed all food and drinks' healing effects.

3. Cooked food satisfy your hunger more than that readily available InstaMash or Salisbury Steak!

4. There's something special about those Special Stews now that makes you wanna eat and make them a takeaway! (eg. Ruby's Spicy Caserole and others)

5. The ever so tasty NukaCola and root beer Sunset Sarsaparilla refreshes you after drinking! Your AP regens a little faster for the afternoon! - Drink Sass for Mass -
(Same type of effects on different food/drinks may have same general description in game but all will have different durations. Eg. NukaCola regens AP faster than Sunset Sarsaparilla)

That's about it, the rest is for you to discover yourself in game :)



HARDCORE mode definitely must be activated.
Recommend to use with realistic settings mod(s) to create a realistic environment especially your carry weight (so you can't bring 15 iguanabits, 30 stews and 999 steaks).

Have a look at my RHF Mods Compilation:



Download, unzip and put files into \Data\ folder.
Load and activate the .esp files, one is for the Food, Chems and Drinks, the other is for the Misc. Items' weights.
Filenames are self-explanatory.

Savegame compatible