Fallout New Vegas
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  1. Aldpal
    • supporter
    • 5 posts
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    Mod makes the shoots miss, despite the fact that the sights are now aligned properly.
  2. dbj87jb
    • member
    • 143 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Cant see WTF I'm aiming at, looking down the sights with Rifles or Shotguns
  3. Theadi
    • member
    • 7 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Essential for a good FPS experience, endorsed!
  4. HangoverXIII
    • member
    • 139 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Does this mod also help the misalignment of switching from 1st to 3rd person? Because when I switch from the two they are way off from what I was originally aiming at.
  5. HorizonDream69
    • member
    • 47 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Worked well for me, even though it hasn't been updated in a while. It doesn't completely eliminate, but it considerably improves one of the most infuriating aspects of the game. In NV you're given the motivation to use rifles, but this is poorly implemented at long ranges. Ah well, we all know that playing NV is a labor of love and you have to learn to play around the bugs. This mod makes the Mojave experience more enjoyable. Recommended. Still, move back to 3rd person and come back to 1st while aiming so you know where the bullets will actually go! If you're like me and ONLY use ironsights, remember to activate the crosshair when you check this.
  6. svartberg
    • member
    • 267 posts
    • 40 kudos
    This bug really ruins the unmodded hunting rifle
    Such an important mod for sniper characters, worked great thanks !
  7. Yukichigai
    • supporter
    • 1,582 posts
    • 467 kudos
    I have no idea if you check this page anymore, but I'm working on a bug fix compilation called Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch and I was hoping I could include this in it. I tried messaging you but it seems your mailbox is full. If you could clear out a few messages so you can give me a yes/no that would be great. ^_^
    1. Dosbilliam
      • member
      • 405 posts
      • 2 kudos
      I'm assuming there still hasn't been an answer yet? :S
  8. sushimd
    • member
    • 13 posts
    • 0 kudos
    For some reason after I installed this my character's head in 3rd person won't turn to look forward it's just turned to the right when I ads.
    1. WarGod4754
      • supporter
      • 3 posts
      • 0 kudos
      Same here, did you ever find a fix?
  9. Yaahtzee18
    • member
    • 22 posts
    • 0 kudos
    This mod still needs some tweaking. The sights are still shooting low you can see this much better with Project Nevada's crosshair. Still its better than Vanilla.
  10. mih199
    • member
    • 5 posts
    • 0 kudos
    This would be nice for the GRA added paciencia.
    1. SiniVII
      • member
      • 698 posts
      • 12 kudos
      Paciencia is already correctly aligned by default, for some reason.