Fallout New Vegas
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Adds crafting schematics for the Mantis Gauntlet weapon, a feature which was cut from the final version of the game.

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UPDATE: This now includes a fix for the bizarre sound and attack animation the Mantis Gauntlet normally uses (i.e. the Power Fist's attack). It will now attack with appropriate sound and a much more fitting animation.

The Mantis Gauntlet is an unarmed weapon which, among other things, ignores Damage Threshold. It is VERY rare, only available for purchase from a handful of vendors, and even then not regularly.

Based on its appearance, the Mantis Gauntlet looks like a hand-crafted weapon. This is true, and at one point it was even intended to be crafted BY THE PLAYER. A few resources for this remain in the game, notably the item "Schematics - Mantis Scythe" (presumably the weapon's name during development).

This mod completes this dropped design path by adding a workbench crafting recipe for the Mantis Gauntlet, available only once you have obtained the schematics for the weapon. Currently they are placed in only one location: Mick & Ralph's, in the "special" weapons section.

The crafting recipe for the Mantis Gauntlet requires a Survival skill of 45 and the following items:

1 Medical Brace
2 Mantis Forelegs
1 Scrap Metal

And yes, I know that seems odd, but it's as close as I could get to the APPARENT makeup of the weapon when looking at it (parts of those above ingredients could make the weapon).