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Added: 19/12/2010 - 04:50PM
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Courier Merc Armor
An Armour for Type 3 Cali

Based on the same style my Wasteland Courier armor was done in, the Courier Merc Armor was created for my new character; Samantha Six.

It might just be found in an abandoned shack near Goodsprings. It has a particular 'Ranger' feeling about it. Could Courier Six have been an NCR ranger in her past life? Or maybe this armor wasn't hers at all... but it fits so well, how couldn't it not be?

If you find any problems with the armor let me know. It seems to function just fine in game. The DR of 10 might be a little high for such a light armor, but since I use such armors from start to end I feel it more then balances out.

Known Issues
Meant to be used with a pip boy replacer. I don't feel that the pip boy 2000 is lore friendly for New Vegas and rather a cheap opt out by Obsidian. I will not be supporting any wrist clipping (if there is any, it might be alright).

Just drag and drop the meshes, textures and esp to your data folder.

Simply delete the files.


1.0 - Release!

Dimon99 for the Type3 body.
Backsteppo for the altered shoulder mesh for Type3 & altered shirt mesh.
Exeter for fitting base armors to the type 3 body.
Also a big thanks to Quetzlsacatanango for helping me figure out what I was missing with blender and being a great teacher.