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A tweaked face texture made using thecaptainhere\'s face texture as a base. Can be used as a new race or as a texture replacer.

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A tweaked face texture. Made using thecaptainhere's face texture as a base. Replaces the default female head textures or adds a new race using them.

Originally made for my own character, but due to request, I figured I'd share it. All I really did was add eyeliner and a noise effect, to give the illusion of more detail. There *WILL* be a neck seam using this face texture. There's nothing I can do about it. New Vegas seems to have a bigger issue with seams than FO3 did, and because there are no Type 3 body textures specifically for this head texture, the seam will stand out. I recommend using this mod to cover it.

My texture edits are amateur, at best, I know. So if any of you texture guru's decide to take a look at them and go blind from my noob-ness.....not my problem.

Also, there is an optional .esp that adds a new race using the textures, rather than simply replacing the female face textures entirely. The race has a much better and easier to work with default face than the vanilla races (though your best bet is to use the GECK). The race does *not* come with body textures though, and is pointed to use the default female body textures. I'd recommend using the race over the replacer.

As of now though, the race plugin is mostly untested, so report any issues and I'll get to them as soon as I get time.

I plan on adding more presets to choose from, eyelash support, and better eye textures when I find the time.

If you want the eye textures used in the images, they are from this mod. It's a fallout 3 file, but install it to your NV directory, and they work fine.

I will not, however, be adding support for any hairs other than default. The other hairs not only stick out like sore thumbs, and they don't conform to the vanilla head mesh very well, making them look even worse.

And lastly, my character used in the images will not be released. Don't PM me about it. Don't leave a comment about it. Don't email me about it. You will be ignored.

Drop the folder and .esp into your \Fallout New Vegas\Data directory.

[email protected]
deathknowz at TESAdventures.com
death-knowz at Bethsoft forums.

Thanks to thecaptainhere for his face texture and for being gracious enough to allow me release this small mod.

Don't redistribute any part of this mod without permission from me, and those listed in the credits, or else your mother/father/significant other/priest will spontaneously combust before your eyes, leaving you scarred for life and no one to blame but yourself.

Or not.

But do you really want to take that risk?