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2012-0102 updated!
3 types of biggun! and old Fo3 items plugins!

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sorry, everything stop, may not start again...everything stop when my son born, now he is a 3 years old badass.sorry for every one whom download my mod, and if some one wish to using my models or some others, NO need my permission, and don't tell me, just feel free.

3 types of biggun! and old Fo3 items plugins!
see option files.

video uploaded! watch it in the video tab!

optimize some effects, and add scopes for miezes.


now change .esp to .esm!!
better deactive your Aevgas.esp
and save your game before update!!

and, delete folder \Data\Sound\Voice\AEVegas.esp
delete \Date\AEVegas.esp yourself

video is done, but I cannot upload it now cuz damn GFW.
but just wait, I can try to make the way.

new weapon, something like a tiger tank cannon.
...and more...

adds a weaken version of the two big gun.

Merry X'mas!
I made a short clip to show you the features of Nasty Grandpa.

add a flesh impact gfx, you can see your juicy targets splash their contains when hit by Grandpa. in this update there are more than 120 deathclaw sacrifice for testing the effect.
update1 and 2 are NOT required.
i think works about Nasty Grandpa may done, just need a short rest now.

not so IMBA now. fix projectile and muzzleflashes. also some wrong texture issues fixed. update1 is NOT required.

muzzleflashes changed. i agree this update is a FAIL.

vol.2 2010-12-18
Nasty Granpa and Nasty Camera, the things what we can really called "Big Gun".
you can find a Nasty Big Gun in doc's house, or go to dead wind cavern. moding parts supported, design for deathclaw hunting. don't hurt yourself.