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This mod is an attempt to replace the Inon Zur musics ingame by some fallout 1-2 musics :). (Now Version 0.2 !! )

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Fallout 1 and 2 ambient musics v0.2

This mod is an attempt to replace the Inon Zur musics ingame by some fallout 1-2 musics :).

What's that mean ?

No more stressingfull music ( whith no reasons ! ) in hooverdam but a classic vault fallout music ... and i can't tell the great feeling about hearing the redding music in goodsprings...

ALL THE GAMES LOCATIONS have one or more ( played randomly ) fallout music. I tryed to choose music that fit with the location.

The only issue is for places that in vanilla game don't have music, the game will now play Fallout 1 and 2 musics but in some of those places a radio is playing , just turn it off if you think there is too many musics at the same time. I placed musics at thoses places to also have music when exploring the wastland , but for a reason i don't figured out the game still playing sometimes guitare or violin from Inon zur... but you will hear fallout 1 and 2 musics also when exploring ! :).

If you have any issues feel free to explain it in the comments.

It still a wip and need some balancing but at this time it's already great !

Version 0.1 :

This file contain only 1 esp because the fallout 1 and 2 musics is already supplied by bethesda/obsidian but not all the musics are played.

What's new in version 0.2 ?

-Some places used only one song instead of all the songs i choosed. This is fixed.

-Some musics are switched with other ones for a beter fit with the location.

-Some of the classic musics added by this mod were too loud. I changed the volume and i take this chance to use the last Mark morgan free cd musics. (Beter quality).

-If YOU want you can also use the "shut up casinospeakers.esp" to supress the kings , gomorrah , tops ... radio music.So you can listen to the Ambient music without any additionnal radio music :).

Enjoy !


History :

01/17/2011 : A little up after the blocking perdiod just to say that THOSES MUSIC FILES ARE FREE AND LEGALY PROVIDED BY MARK MORGAN COMPOSITER :


And that's not files from the game.

01/08/2011 : a little fix is added to set the vatsofgoo music less loud and make it appear smoothly.


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