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Now each snowglobe you collect comes with a perk!

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Name: Snowglobe Perks
Author: ZerroDefex
Date Created: 12-9-2010
Last Modified: 1-8-2011
Version: 1.4

The purpose of this mod is to make the snowglobes even more collectable by adding a perk to each one. Perks are applied whenever the player picks up a snowglobe and remain even after selling them to Mr. House. Each perk is unique and has two categories of bonuses:
a) Bonuses that have no conditions and apply in all situations
b) A special bonus that only applies when a special condition is met.

Goodspeed, Courier! (Goodsprings Snowglobe):
Finding the Goodsprings Snowglobe has permanently raised your Survival and Lockpick skills by 5 points each! Also if you support the citizens of Goodsprings you will run 15% faster, while supporting the Powder Gangers will allow you to throw dynamite 20% further and faster while using 25% less action points!

Big Dam Hero (Hoover Dam Snowbglobe):
Finding the Hoover Dam Snowglobe has permanently raised your Guns and Unarmed skills by 5 points each! You will also gain 2 points to your damage threshold if siding with the NCR, while siding with the Legion will allow you to ignore 2 points of the damage threshold of your enemies!

Missionary (Old Mormon Fort Snowglobe):
Finding the Mormon Fort Snowglobe has permanently raised your Science and Medicine skills by 5 points each! Also you will receive 1 extra skill point whenever reading a skill book as long as you are liked by the Followers of the Apocalypse.

High Roller (The Strip Snowglobe):
Finding the Strip Snowglobe has permanently raised your Speech and Barter skills by 5 points each! Also you will gain a +1 bonus to your luck as long as you are liked in Freeside and The Strip! Being idolized in Freeside, The Strip, and by the White Glove Society will grant an extra +1 to your luck!

Not Being Seen (Mt. Charleston Snowglobe):
Finding the Mt Charleston Snowglobe has permanently raised your Sneak and Melee skills by 5 points each! Your observations of the nightkin have also granted you a 10% increase to your melee and unarmed damage when sneaking!

Missile Commander (Nellis AFB Snowglobe):
Finding the Nellis AFB Snowglobe has permanently raised your Explosives and Repair skills by 5 points each! Also the explosion radius of your weapons will be increased by 10% as long as you are liked by the Boomers! Being idolized by the Boomers will reduce the action cost of all explosive weapons by 10%!

Perfect Tan (Test Site Snowglobe):
Finding the Test Site Snowglobe has permanently raised your Energy Weapons skill by 5 points and increased your resistance to fire and radiation by 15%! You also gain a 5% higher chance of scoring a critical hit when your health falls below 20%!

If you have already found snowglobes and/or sold them to Mr. House before installing this mod do not worry, it will still detect them and grant you the perks!

You can also get the perks by using the Player.AddPerk console command.

Here are the perk ids, Where xx is the load order of this mod file:
Goodspeed, Courier!xx000ADD
Big Dam Heroxx000AE0
Missle Commanderxx000AE2
Not Being Seenxx000AE3
High Rollerxx000AE4
Perfect Tanxx000AE5

Install both the SnowGlobePerks.esp file and the Textures\Interface\Icons\PipboyImages\Items\ folder in your ..\Fallout New Vegas\Data\ directory and activate the SnowGlobePerks.esp file in your mod manager. Use the SnowGlobePerks_SkillsOnly.esp file instead if you only want the non-conditional bonuses.

Deactivate the .esp file, then delete it and the other files. You may need to use Player.RemovePerk to remove the perks as well.

This mod does modify the script that is run whenever a snowglobe is picked up, so it is not likely to be compatible with other snowglobe mods. Use at your own risk!

Ver 1.0:
* Original Release

Ver 1.1:
* Renamed "Dam Defender" to "Big Dam Hero". Also now grants a separate condition for being liked by The Legion, reducing your enemies damage threshold by 2 points.
* "Ultimate Tan" now grants +15% Fire and Rad resistance instead of +10% damage.
* Increased run speed boost from "Goodspeed, Courier!" to 20%.
* Added Powder Ganger conditional reward to "Goodspeed, Courier!" which improved throwing distance, speed, and action point requirements for dynamite.
* Renamed "Honorary Boomer" to "Missile Commander" and added AP reduction buff with requirement of being idolized by the Boomers.
* Added a second luck bonus to "High Roller" for being idolized by Freeside, The Strip, and the White Glove Society.
* Renamed "Jacobstown Citizen" to "Not Being Seen" and made the damage buff also apply to unarmed attacks.
* Fixed reputation calculations on all perks, turns out not all factions measure their reputation ranks equally.
* Fixed up the wording on all perk descriptions.

Ver 1.2:
* Fixed a major scripting error that was preventing some perks from being awarded when snowglobes were collected.
* Reduced the speed increase for "Goodspeed, Courier!" to 15%. 20% was a bit too fast, especially on high-agility builds.
* Fixed some pop-up messages that still contained older perk names.

Ver 1.3:
* Fixed an incorrect damage multiplier with the Mt. Charleston snowglobe.

Ver 1.4:
* Changed the mod to use an invisible quest to award the perks instead of checking only when Snowglobes are picked up. Also added the ability to detect Snowglobes which had already been sold to Mr. House.