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This increases the amount of caps each major vendor in Fallout New Vegas has (approximately 10 times the previous amount.

This idea was borne from the Fallout 3 mod Rich Vendors mod. This is not a port of that mod, but a from scratch creation of my own.

Both perform the same approximate function via the GECK - Which is to modify each NPC Merchant's VendorContainer attribute (Caps90, CapsChange100, VendorCapsBaseSmall, VendorCapsBaseMedium, VendorCapsBaseLarge) and increase whatever number is there by 10. So 1 becomes 10, 2 becomes 12, etc.

If there is sufficient feedback I might create a 5x if you don't want low level vendors having about 5,000 caps, medium level vendors having 10,000 caps, and high level vendors having 15,000 caps.

With Cowboy repeaters selling for nearly 1,000 and Laser weapons for 2,000-3,000 I don't think those amounts are excessive assuming they do brisk business before and after you, and have established lines of credit.