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Color Me Evil

New 2.1: A complete revamp of the Karma system, minor change to good karma gains for balance.


"You're semi-evil. You're quasi-evil. You're the margarine of evil. You're the Diet Coke of evil. Just one calorie, not evil enough."

Yea, that is how I felt playing New Vegas. No matter how hard I tried, it was just toooooo easy to be a Good Karma character. I even tried to be evil! However, with the amount of ways to get Good Karma, I found it impossible. I even took the Cannibal perks, but that didn't even help. I feasted on hundreds of people and it didn't seem to make a bit of difference to anyone. I shot innocent people and didn't even receive any kind of karma hit. Apparently New Vegas was geared to make me a "Saint of the Wasteland". It was really annoying - especially when one of my playthroughs will be with the Legion.

Here is what this mod does.

Some basics first: +250 karma is Good, +750 Karma is Very good, -250 karma is Evil, -750 Karma is very evil. -1000 and +1000 are the maxes. These levels of Karma are defaults in the game and left unchanged.

New in 2.1: I added back in the ability to gain good karma by killing Evil and Very Evil NPCs. You get +15 karma for Evil, and +30 Karma for killing Very Evil. I did this for balance, as it is very easy to stay Evil under the current system if you wish, but still a bit too hard to remain Neutral or Good.

NEW in 2.0: A complete revamp. Every single NPC has been visited in the Geck and their alignment changed accordingly to make more sense. I ASSUMED that their alignments already made sense, but then it was pointed out to me how they didn't and Obsidian missed the mark.

- All Legion are Evil (about 70% were neutral)
- All Thugs (Westside are Freeside) are Evil now
- All of the Scorpion Gang and the Fiends are Evil now
- Viper Gang was already evil, but found a couple listed as Neutral - fixed that.
- Khans remain Neutral

a) You would get massive Good Karma for killing Evil people. +100 karma each! Just kill a few Fiends, and BAM! You're a Saint! A Paragon of Goodness! I toned down the amount of Karma you get for killing Evil and Very Evil people. You get +15 and +30 respectively. Even though you are murdering them, people don't care - they are evil people with probably a bounty on their heads.

b) You wouldn't take a Karma hit for killing Neutral people. None. Which is about 75% of the people/townfolk/NCR in the game. So go on a rampage in Primm, Freeside, etc, and you could still be a Saint, the blood of innocents soaked into your clothes. A murderer of innocent townsfolks not being evil? This didn't make any sense. You now take a -25 karma hit for every neutral person killed.

c) The Karma hit for killing Good (-50 karma) and Very Good people (-100), is unchanged. Hey, you go kill Hannibal Lector down the street and people may call you a vigilante, say it was wrong, but just shake their head and reason it out by saying justice was done, but you go kill Mother Theresa who brings brownies to the local townfolk? Its a HANGING time for you!

d) The Karma hit for stealing (-5 karma per item) has been lessened to -2 per item. It will take around 120 to 130 items to reach an Evil status now instead of just 50 items. Makes sense...to be considered Evil just as a thief, and not a human liver eating murderer who also is a thief, its going to take quite a bit of stealing to be considered a notorious thief where people despise you.

e) Being a Cannibal literally had no effect on Karma. Slurping up a person's brains for breakfast got you a whopping -1 Karma with this Perk. Yea, that means you had to pony up to the human meat buffet 250 times to even become Evil. 250 people! 750 people to become Very Evil!! Hannibal Lector plus all the serial killers in the world are pussy cats and a footnote in a dusty almanac compared to you! That seemed silly to me, so eating up your neighbor's liver with a side of onions now nets you -20 Karma (maybe minus the onions?). I also changed Cannibalism for you really 100% evil characters out there (not you diet coke evil types) who have a mod running to allow you to kill children - this mod now allows you to eat them as well. This affects both perks - Cannibalism and Dine and Dash.

OPTIONAL: f) There is another .esp labeled "Color Me Evil - Cass", in this bundle that you can use if you don't wish to lose Cass as a companion being an evil character yourself. The default Cass will give you warnings about your evil ways, and if you don't change before hitting "Evil" she will leave you permanently. Color Me Evil - Cass, removes her Karma checks and she will stay with you no matter how evil you are. It has all the above changes as well. No other character checks Karma, as far as I could see, in the Geck.

IMPORTANT!!! If you ARE running a Cass Modification (for instance, I run the wonderful Vyntage's "A Makeover for the Girls"), its better just to modify the dialogue in the Cass mod than to use the "Color Me Evil - Cass.esp" alongside it. With "Color Me Evil - Cass.esp" lower in the load order, it could nullify changes in your Cass mod, but may not either. See the Compatibility section below.


As an aside, even with this mod, it isn't hard to become a Good, or Very Good Karma player, which is why I didn't understand the mods that even remove the karma for stealing. There are enough people wanting "donations" that give you good karma hits which are repeatable, and enough quests that give you massive good karma hits, that even with this mod, its still easy to be a "Saint of the Wasteland".

In my opinion, this mod just makes the Karma system a bit more realistic, and less annoying. At least for me. :) Its to my tastes of what the Karma system should be, and there isn't a Karma mod out there like this that does all these things, so I'm releasing it to the ....well...what I suspect...very few people who are also "wanting more" when it comes to the Karma New Vegas system.



1. Unzip this package to somewhere easy to find, and either copy "Color Me Evil.esp", or "Color Me Evil - Cass.esp" to the Data folder of your New Vegas installation. Use one or the other - not both! "Color Me Evil", Cass will eventually leave you permanently once you become evil, "Color Me Evil - Cass", she will stay with you. If you are going to use "Color Me Evil - Cass", load it lower in order than any mod for Cass in your New Vegas Mod Manager. Its just 3 dialogue tweaks.

If you are using a childkiller mod, load either .esp after that one as well if you are a Cannibal.

2. If you are a Steam user, unzip the esp to wherever Steam is loaded.....Steam/SteamApps/common/fallout new vegas/data


1. Remove the .esp from the folder


IMPORTANT: Since this changes Alignments in the default NPCs, you need to run this mod lower in your mod load order than any other mod that tinkers with NPCs (except companions). There are quite a few mods out there that do that. It won't conflict by causing problems if you don't, you just won't see any changes in the rebalance of the Alignments. So load it last or lower in order than any mod that does anything to default NPCs.

In terms of "Color Me Evil - Cass", companions are tricky little things. If you are running a Cass mod already, it could do all sorts of different things that are just annoying, but not mess up the game. It could either nullify the changes made in a Cass modification, or simply not change the dialogue of a Cass modification. Or maybe even work perfectly. Its hard to say.

If you aren't running a Cass mod, then the Cass variation of Color Me Evil will work perfectly. If you are running a Cass mod, it may work perfectly if you load it in after the Cass mod.

However, here is a better solution. For the greatest compatibility, open up your Cass modification in the Geck and delete just 3 lines of dialogue if you don't want her to leave you if you become evil. Here is how to do it, and then just use my "Color Me Evil.esp" for all the Karma changes.

How to Mod Cass's Dialogue Yourself

Run the Geck. Go the menu File, then Data, and then choose/select your Cass modification by putting a checkmark by it, and selecting the button that says, "Set as Active File", when selecting your Cass mod.

Oh...by the way....if you destroy your New Vegas doing this, its your own fault. This is the most simple of modifications, and if you screw this up, you really are hopeless in terms of modding and can't blame me. You have no business in the Geck ever in the future. :p And besides, no matter how hopeless you are, and no matter how bad you screw up, at the worst, you would just reinstall your Cass mod.

Now on to the easy part.

With your Cass mod in the Geck, you'll see a nice little window pane of categories off to the left. Click on Actors (yea, that little plus sign to expand), then click on NPC to highlight "NPC". Then go up to the Filter box up above (or as I call it, the Search box) and type in "Cass". In the neighboring pane, you'll see "RoseofSharonCassidy" pop up as the first selection. Double click this. A window will pop up giving you all kinds of information, selections, and options for this NPC. Its the NPC window and says that. Hooray. Click on the "Dialogue" box located in the left mid section of this window. Your computer will churn a bit - if you computer sucks, this might take a bit.

A new window pops up. Amazingly, this window is named of all things..."Dialogue". The window pane off to the left you can completely ignore. The other window pane which takes up the rest of the entire window has all kinds of stuff in it. You can ignore most of it. However, you'll see that its already opened to the "Topics" category, and has a list of all the "Topics" you can discuss with Cass. Look down that list and you'll see a "GREETING" topic, all in caps. Click on "GREETING".

You'll see the window pane up top that says "Topic Text" change to "GREETING", and then it lists all the possible Greetings below it. Page down until you see the dialogues that start with {Warning 1}, {Warning 2}, and {Warning 3}. Click and highlight each of them and then smash down on your Delete key (Del) on your keyboard. Each dialogue will now say "DELETED - ".

Yay. You have successfully modded your Cass mod so she doesn't leave you when you are a f*ck. Her words...not mine. You can even check that now in the Geck since you have it opened to her warning dialogues.

Click on "OK" in the lower right of the Dialogue window, Click on "OK" in the NPC window on the lower left, go to "File" in the menus, and select "Save". You are now a modder. :p Copy your Cass mod .esp to another location as a backup of what you have done.

Then just load my "Color Me Evil.esp" as well and there isn't a chance of a conflict this way.

To contact me PM if you have any issues or questions on TesNexus - Rasana

Thanks To:
Bethseda for releasing the G.E.C.K! Yay! :) Thank you, Bethseda!

If you ever wish to use my mods in your own, simply ask me. I'll likely give you permission if you credit me. Otherwise, you cannot use my efforts in your own mod.