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Added: 02/12/2010 - 02:08PM
Updated: 05/12/2010 - 04:01AM

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Last updated at 4:01, 5 Dec 2010 Uploaded at 14:08, 2 Dec 2010

Name: Secret Base
Version: 1.1
Date: 03/12/2010
Author: m0m

This MOD adds "Secret Base" in front of The Goodsprings General Store at Goodsprings.

You can access all storages, benches, etc. without walking!

Cot, Chair, Workbench, Reloading Bench, Campfire, Sink(Purified),
Radio, My First Infirmary, My First Laboratory, Snowglobe Display
Storages :
Cabinet x1, Floor Safe x1, Wall Safe x1, Ammunition Box x6,
Metal Box x3, Toolbox x3, First Aid Box x3, Crate x1, Box x1,
Pristine Vending Machine x1, Refrigerator x1, Duffle Bag x1
and an air conditioning fan ;-)

Of course, you can enter in "Secret Base" from a hatch..., but...
You can move into "Secret Base" with "Secret Base Teleporter" from anywhere momentarily, and can return to the previous place again.

1. When FONV starts, "Secret Base Teleporter" is added into your inventory at armor section automatically.
2. When you equip "Secret Base Teleporter", You move into "Secret Base" immediately.
3. When you unequip "Secret Base Teleporter", You return to the previous place immediately.

Have fan!

Simply extract to the ..\Fallout New Vegas\Data folder.

Simply delete the file.

Release Info
v1.0 (02/12/2010) - Initial release
v1.1 (03/12/2010) - Cinder Block added under campfire for fire prevention