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Fixes ALL bugs with the C-Finder and makes it a little bit more powerful.

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C-Finder Fix
by Nekhanimal

The C-Finder is arguably a badass demonstration of the finer points of trigonometry, but it's bugged out on me one time too many. Here's what I've done to improve it:

Fixed the bug where no blast would occur and you would be forever stuck with targeting lasers in front of you and no ammo regeneration. Good riddance!

The ammo now recharges consistently every day at 15.00, in the way that if you fire before 9AM you will get another shot the same day at 3PM, but if you fire after 9AM you will have to wait until 3PM the next day, to fit with the peak hours of HELIOS solar collection. Also, if the laser fails to fire for some reason, you now get your ammo back.

Victims of the explosion would attack you even if you were sneaking behind a rock a mile away. They will now only attack you if they can see you when the blast occurs.

The targeting process is now smoother, as the script now runs every frame as opposed to 10 times a second.

Running backwards while targeting things very far away would prevent the explosion from happening. This is no longer the case.

The explosion damage has been increased from 150 to 175 and the damage over time from 6 to 7 per second.

The C-finder now weighs 6 pounds instead of 15. It's a toy, not a dangerous heavy weapon.