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Outfits for the warriors of the Free Tribes of the Mojave wastes.

Permissions and credits
Outfits for the warriors of the Free Tribes of the Mojave wastes.

This is a port of the Freebooter outfits I made for FO3, with some changes to better fit the New vegas world. Male version included for Breeze's male body. Adds some addiional items to equip the tribal warrior, a warrior necklace that testifies to her prowess in battle, some basic weaponry, throwing spears, knives, and a hatchet, and two custom swords, a short blade and a twohander. The shortsword is similar to the Gladius Machete, the big one to the bumpersword If you think they may be too powerful for a starting character, leave them in the sack and come back when you feel worthy.

Version 2.5 adds two more female outfits, improved mesh and textures on the swords, and a tribal knife.

08/25/2011 - Uploaded a replacement esp to fix the problem of the brief armor being invisible.

Requirements: Type3 compatible female body replacer. Breezes male body replacer.

Installation: Unzip to a temporary location and drop the enclosed Data directory into your default NV directory. For Windows 7:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas\

Check the esp: Free Tribal Outfits.esp

To uninstall, delete files associated with the mod.

Location: In a sack in the ruined house next to Victor's shack in Goodsprings.

I made this using NV resources to free it from the necessity of obtaining secondary permissions should anyone like to use these in their own mods. Free to use, modify, or adapt for your own purposes, just a mention in the credits is all I ask.

Dimon99 for the Type3 body
Breeze for the male body.
Backsteppo for the narrowed shoulder mesh.
Bethesda and Obsidian for the game.

Tools used: