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Adds a Gnome Ammo Refill Unit that the player can give to companions that will provide said companions with infinite ammo.

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Name: GARU - Gnome Ammo Refill Unit
Author: }{ellKnight
Version: 1.0 BETA (till NVSE gets out of beta)
Date: 29/11/2010
Category: Gameplay Changes/Companions
Requirements: NVSE


Gives you a GARU (Gnome Ammo Refill Unit) that you can give to companions so they'll have infinite ammo. Doesn't work on the player, only on companions.


This is a port of my GARU mod from FO3 with a few edits so it plays nice with NV's ammo list system.

When you load up the game GARU (Gnome Ammo Refill Unit) will get added.

What the hell is a Gnome Ammo Refill Unit? It's a gnome (oh surprise! I bet you weren't expecting that!) that magically creates ammo (don't ask how :P) for the weapon the NPC currently uses and puts it in the inventory of said NPC. It will not add any ammo to your character though, so don't try using it as a cheat item (you can, but I'll let you figure out how :P)

So what's so special about that!? Well the thing is it will work for any companion, weapon and ammo type, vanilla or added by a mod. It doesn't change anything from vanilla, doesn't edit any weapons, ammo lists (yes it's compatible even with mods that edit the ammo lists) or companions. It's even compatible with weapons that use ammo that aren't part of an ammo list (like the fatman or the alien blaster). It should be compatible with anything since it's all done via script.

The NPCs will only get ammo for their EQUIPPED WEAPON (except for weapons that don't need ammo like melee weapons). That means that if you give them a Minigun they won't equip it because they don't have any ammo for it. What you need to do is give them the gun and then at least 1 bullet for that gun so they equip the weapon. If they have another gun in their inventory (and ammo for it) that is more powerful that the gun you just gave them they still won't equip it, remove the more powerful gun first. This mod also works if you give them armor piercing bullets or hollow point rounds or any kind of special ammo (imagine Boone with the Anti-Materiel Rifle with AP or incendiary ammo). To make sure they use the special ammo give them only that kind of ammo (so if you want them to use AP 5.56 don't give them normal ammo as well). This is a limitation ATM. Once the NVSE team implements a generic version of GetPlayerCurrentAmmo (something probably called GetActorCurrentAmmo) I'll update the script to get around this limitation.

They'll receive about 20lbs of ammo once the total ammo weight goes under 5lbs. If you feel this is excessive let me know and I'll look into editing this. If the bullets don't have weight they'll get 500 bullets once the ammo count goes under 50.

The gnome will repair their weapon so you don't have to! More than anything this feature's purpose is prevent them loosing/dropping their weapon when it goes down to 0% condition. So you can finally give companions your most prized guns and they'll not loose them. Keep in mid that the weapon could still get knocked out of their hands if it's destroyed in one hit.

If you need more than 1 GARU (have more than 1 companion) then open the console and type startquest GARUQuest and a second GARU will be added. Repeat this as many times as you like. ATM this method doesn't seem to work (seems startquest is bugged when using it from the console) so look bellow.

Or type this into the console:
Player.AddItem XX000ADD 1
Where XX is the index of the mod in your load order.

I'm very interested if you experience performance hits. I didn't notice any (my machine still ran as crappy as before XD) but if you see a drop in FPS let me know. I have a few ideas on how to make the script more lightweight.


NV latest patch.

And most importantly the ability/willingness to read this readme :P


1. Copy esp file to Fallout New Vegas\Data\
2. Start your load order manager of choice and enable the mod (I recommend NVMM).


1. Delete the ESP file.


No compatibility issues so far.


No known issues so far, please let me know if you find any.


1.0 29/11/2010 - Initial Release


You can contact me here at Nexus or at TESAdventures.com. I use the same username: }{ellKnight. You'll probably get a faster response at TESAdventures.


Ian Patterson (ianpatt), Stephen Abel (behippo), and Paul Connelly (scruggsywuggsy the ferret) for NVSE: http://nvse.silverlock.org/
The GECK/Construction Set Wikis for solving a few scripting issues I had.
CIPSCIS for his very useful Script Validator: http://www.cipscis.com/fallout/utilities/validator.aspx
ElminsterAU for FNVEdit: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34703
Schlangster for pointing out some rather noobish mistakes I made... lesson learned XD
The TESAdventures.com community for providing a place on the Internet to call home and to be among friends.
InsanitySorrow for ReadMe Generator this readme is based on.
Dark0ne and the rest of the crew at the Nexus sites
Obsidian & Bethesda for creating NV and providing us with these great modable games... hope TES5 gets announced soon!

Tools Used:

GECK - NV Edition: http://fallout.bethsoft.com/eng/downloads/geck.html
GECK PowerUp: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=36290
Notepad++: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/
NVSE: http://nvse.silverlock.org/
Script Validator: http://www.cipscis.com/fallout/utilities/validator.aspx
FNVEdit: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34703


If you wish to use the scripts from this mod please contact me here or at TESAdventures. If I don't reply within 3 weeks feel free to use it.
I will not be held responsible for any damage this mod can cause to your Fallout 3 setup or computer.