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Caliber for FalloutNV

December update: 14 new calibers added (see activate caliber list below)

Caliber is NOT a port of CALIBR for FO3. Caliber is a spin-off of the Reload mod for FalloutNV, made by request so weapons mod authors could all have new (and compatible) ammunition types without requiring all of the game-changing
mechanics introduced in the Reload mod. Reload now uses Caliber as a master.

While FalloutNV introduced (or expanded upon) the concept of ammo lists, mod authors who create weapons in non-standard calibers still require a resource to share between each other so that multiple mods don't end up introducing
several types of the same caliber, all of which are incompatible with each other. Caliber for Fallout NV accomplishes this task.

Also, another key difference between CALIBR for Fallout3 and Caliber for NV is this mod also includes a system that will help you distribute ammunition for your weapons throughout the wasteland, simply by setting a Global variable. Once
you set the appropriate Global variable for your mod's ammo needs, the first time a player opens the game with your mod, it will distribute the ammunition to all vendor and loot lists!

This mod does NOT alter stock game content or add any new features to the game, other than the globals which trigger the scripts that populate vendors.


These global variables should be set through a one-shot Quest in your mod. An example ESP is included which demonstrates how to do this, but I will also walk you through the step by step here.

#1: Add Caliber.esm as a master to your mod. (I use FNVEdit for this)

#2: Add a quest called CaliberStartup{YourModName}Quest

So if your mod is called BigGameRifles, name your quest:

#3: Set this quest to start when the game starts, check to use the default script processing delay, and set a priority of 60 (or higher). When done, "OK" out of the quest - leave the script blank for a second.

#4: Create a new script. Here's an example for the fictitious BigGameRifles mod:

scn CaliberStartupBigGameRiflesQuestScript

begin gamemode
Set ActivateCaliber338Lapua to 1
Set ActivateCaliber416Barrett to 1
stopquest CaliberStartupBigGameRiflesQuest

#5: Change the drop down on the script editor to "Quest" and save it.

#6: Reopen CaliberStartupBigGameRiflesQuest, and select your script from the dropdown. Make sure "Start game Enabled" is still checked!

#7: Hit save.

#8: set your weapon(s) to use the appropriate ammo list(s)

That's all there is to it. Caliber.esm has quests running which watch for those global variables to be changed. The first time they are set to 1, caliber adds leveled lists and distributes ammo for those calibers throughout the wasteland. Then Caliber stops that particular ammo quest so it doesn't happen again if the player adds another mod that uses that caliber.

When the game starts, if you did everything right, you will see a message saying "Caliber Added: xxxx" shortly after the game starts. This means the caliber has been distributed to vendors and loot lists. Loot is immediate, vendors will need to respawn so it will take about 3 game days before players can buy that type of ammo.


This method will avoid multiple weapons mods from having to distribute custom ammo on their own, reducing the need for players to build merge modules to make mods compatible with one another.

In essense, Caliber becomes the "vendor and loot distribution management system" for new calibers added to New Vegas. Any mod can turn on any calibers, but they can only be turned on and distributed once for any gamer, based on the weapons mods they have installed.

CaliberVersion - Is the current version of the caliber mod installed. Your mod can check this if necessary and issue warnings to the player to upgrade.

(set any of the following to 1 to activate distribution to vendors and loot)
ActivateCaliber3006 (30-06)
ActivateCaliber50AE (50 Action Express)
ActivateCaliber545x39 (5.45x39, used by AK74)
ActivateCaliber762R (7.62x54 Rimmed Russian)
ActivateCaliber762x39 (7.62x39mm used by AK47)
ActivateCaliber8x57 (8.57mm Mauser)
ActivateCaliber22250 (22-250)
ActivateCaliber45LC (45 Colt)
ActivateCaliber500SW (500 S&W Magnum)
ActivateCaliber5070Govt (50-70 Gov't)
ActivateCaliber57x28 (5.7x28mm)
ActivateCaliber68SPC (6.8 SPC)
ActivateCaliber75x55 (7.5x55 Swiss)
ActivateCaliber762x25 (tokarev)

Redistribution Rights:
You are not permitted to make ANY changes to caliber.esm. To do so would
defeat the whole purpose of modders sharing the same resource, and would run
the substantial risk of your mod being rendered incompatible. It would also
make me, and others, who have worked so hard on it quite upset. :)

Also, please never, EVER override the Caliber*** quests or scripts in your mod! Ever!

You *may* add new ammo variants, but do it IN YOUR MOD and PLEASE add to the
ammo lists via script, and not inherit them directly, to ensure maximum
compatibility between all weapons mods!

You *may NOT* re-upload Caliber.esm to another website. Please direct players
to NewVegasNexus to download the most current version of Caliber. This way if
there are updates you don't screw up someone else's mod that is using a newer
version! I _strongly_ discourage including it with your particular mod, UNLESS
you do it in an installation program that detects if a newer version is
installed prior to copying the ESM in to the data directory.

The CaliberVersion global variable indicates the current version.

If you want to request a new caliber to be added to the library, or run in to
problems using this modding resource, I can be reached at trent [at] liberationsoft.com or on newvegasnexus.com as FluidFire.

Also, check out my Reload mod on newvegasnexus.com. If you add weapons and wish
to have them distributed throughout the wasteland for you, just lemme know. :)

This works like any DLC. If you want to remove Caliber and return to vanilla
experience, remove it from the load order.