Cafe Of Broken Dreams - Dogmeat by Sagittarius22
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COBD is a work in project which will add old F3 followers in Vegas.
This volume adds Dogmeat as a companion; it will be "voiced" (not difficult).
You can find him somewhere in Freeside. You will be able if (version 1.2):

- You have the Road Warrior Leather Armor equipped
- You give him some iguana meat.

First release: I'm waiting for your feedback so tell me about bugs, etc! Improvments will be coming! So yes I will be constantly updating this mod.
Only in french for now, english version is coming soon.

Cafe Of Broken Dreams mods (released and maybe coming soon):

Cafe Of Broken Dreams - Volume 1 :Jericho
Cafe Of Broken Dreams - Volume 2: Amata [not done yet]
Cafe Of Broken Dreams - Volume 3: Charon and Desmond [not done yet]
Cafe Of Broken Dreams - Volume 4: Dogmeat

Recommended: Dog Eye Fix - thanks Shantih for the link!

TOXA for his Road Warrior - Classic Leather Armor mod.
Me for this mod.

Don't upload it anywhere else please.

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