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Tweak to \"The House Always Wins V\" to allow the BoS a favorable outcome

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This is a mod to address an element of the quest "The House Always Wins V". Normally Mr. House requires you to kill the Brotherhood of Steel. This mod adds an option by which the player can pass a speech check to persuade House to spare the Brotherhood.

This uses quest markers that were already provided in the release files. Those markers were apparently disabled before the game went gold. I just added dialogue options to access them and apply the corresponding quest progress values to the scripts. To use the mod a player must first receive the quest "The House Always Wins V" from Mr. House.

After receiving the quest,

1. Leave the dialogue
2. Make sure that your reputation with the BoS is at least "Accepted"
3. Speak to House again; he will say something along the lines of "Have you destroyed the Brotherhood yet?"
4. The list of replies will contain an option for "I am a member of the Brotherhood of Steel"; this leads to a sub-tree with a speech check of 80.

Please post all bug reports here.


- Version 1.1:

* Fixed an issue that prevented the speech check requirements from appearing when player didn't meet them
* Added an 80 XP reward for passing the speech check
* Added an option to return to the main dialogue tree from the custom sub-tree
* Player must now be in good standing with the Brotherhood of Steel ("Accepted" or higher) in order to have the persuasion option appear at all
* Moved the quest completion and reward marker to the end of the sub-tree; player will complete the mission upon exiting dialogue with Mr. House