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Update nif for holster mod with a no clipping mesh, added cowboy alternative

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This is an updated nif (mesh) for the (female) Holster by Heavensturkey.

The original holster mesh by Alexscorpion had lots of clipping if you wore any clothes on top of a type 3 model. I enlarged the mesh by 7% and readjusted positioning & angle in NifSkope so that a simple thin layer of clothing (jeans, leather, etc.) will not clip with the straps.

As a single static mesh, it will still clip (slightly) when walking, and will be out of position when crouching. To fix that would require a remake in Blender or other 3d modeller.

To install:
You must have Holster by Heavensturkey

Overwrite FHolsterByAlexScorpion.nif with this new nif
in Data\Meshes\Kenkuro\HandGunHolster

I can't upload a complete updated mod as I have no rights to it, however it should be very simple to install.

Thigh Holster Model originally created by AlexScorpion
Magnum Holster Model originally created by Madcat221
Used in Holster mod by Kenturo -
Ported to FNV by Heavensturkey -



1.1 edit
Fixing the mesh in blender/pyffi/python was like lol, so instead of curving the holster and fitting the straps to a type 3 - I simply resized and rotated them. The model will no longer clip while running, however a few gaps can be seen under close inspection.

1.1a update
Repositioned the pistol to better fit the new placement of the 1.1 holster.
New file uploaded - 1hpholster.kf
Replace old file in Data\Meshes\characters\_male

1.2 alternative cowboy added
Ported Magnum Holster by Madcat221 ( to NV. Edited holster.esp to spawn both 'cowboy holster' and 'thigh holster' inside the Goodsprings gas station. Item codes for 'cowboy holster' is xx001c13 and 'thigh holster' is xx000dbd, where xx is your mod load number.

Changed the real world object placer to a medical brace (thought it looked better than a box of ammo, and removed DT, so now 0).
New file uploaded - cowboyholster.update.7z

As before this is an update to Holster by Heavensturkey, you need to add/overwrite my files to his mod. Tested (as in pic) with revolvers only .357, .357 with extended barrel, .44 and Lucky. All other pistols will clip. Hunting Revolver and Sequoia are simply too large.

Clothing in pic is Wasteland Courier Type 3 (

1.2a fixed unequipping pistol that does not align into the holster. Updated anim, overwrite old .kf file