Classic M72 Gauss Rifle by DaiShi
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Last updated at 18:09, 17 Jan 2011 Uploaded at 13:06, 20 Nov 2010

Made by DaiShi

The M72 Gauss Rifle form FO2/Tactics is back! (with some extraz)

Uses 2mm EC as Gauss weaps should be. Weapon has 3 mods, and can be repaired w Gauss Rifles.
Uses guns skill (65 req), and has an STR limit of 6. Its a silent weapon.

Weapon mods:
Night vision scope (with Spotting laser)
-Extra cooling:
Slows weapon degrade.
-Seconday accelerator coils (this one is expensive)
150% damage

There are 3 type of ammo:
-2mm EC rounds
-2mm EC APFSDS rounds
Lower spread and damage, -15 DT
-2mm EC Anti-Matter rounds
50% more DMG, -15 DT (also ignores normal damage resistance), but 3X weapon degrade.

All ammo is craftable, but special ones need the blueprint first.
The APFSDS blueprint is in BoS workshop, the Anti-Matter round blueprint is in Remnants bunker with a rifle and 2 clips of normal ammo.

The weap can be bought from Knight Torres (lvl. 10+) and in the silver Rush (lvl. 15+) with ammo, mods can be bought at Old Lady Gibson (scope lvl. 10+, Cooling lvl. 15+, Sec. Coils lvl 20+) and in the Silver Rush (scope lvl. 15+, Cooling lvl. 20+, Sec. Coils lvl 25+).

Some notes:
-Knight Torres have the mods added to her stock too, but for some reason she doesnt sell them (lvls are the same as OLGibson)
-Items are added trough a quest script this time, so shouldnt be any compatibility issue on the vendors, replenishing is set to approx half an hour (real life time!!!)
- its possible that the vendors dont have any items, that happens if they replenish stocks in the aforementioned half an hour, in that case just wait (in real time NOT ingame wait option)

-2mm EC rounds (45 science/20 rounds in a batch)
-40 Small Energy Cell
-2 Scrap Metal
-1 Scrap Electronics
-2mm EC APFSDS rounds (65 science/10 rounds in a batch)
-40 Small Energy Cell
-2 Scrap Metal
-1 Scrap Electronics
-1 Conductor
-2mm EC Anti-Matter rounds (95 science/5 rounds in a batch)
-40 Small Energy Cell
-2 Scrap Metal
-1 Scrap Electronics
-2 Conductor
-1 Fission Battery
-1 Rocket Souvenir

Known Issues:
- It modifies Paladin loot lists so itll conflict with any mods that does the same.
- Since i use the vanilla gauss projectile, Neuralgias VATS damage fix could come in handy http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=37677 Ill uploade a fixed esp, with both projectiles tweaked.

Unzip it in Data folder, check ONE .esp and have fun.

Have Fun! And use the mod as u like (give Credit plz)

The still layered original texture files for most of my mods are availible on my website, if some1 want to make a retexture.

(and sorry about my bad english)