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Lets you create many types of homemade grenades!

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Anyone wishing to add to or change any part of this mod (or add to a compilation) should feel free to do so.

The Mango's Homemade Grenades!

Version 2.0 changes: Added new grenades and mines, fixed texture problems for people running windows 64, included recipe for reloading 40mm grenades, tweaked a few existing grenades

Version 1.1 changes: added 6 new grenades and tweaked requirements (different skills/levels and don't all require demolitions expert)

I wasn't sure if Flour was a common enough ingredient, so I added a recipe for it (8 maize = 1 flour, 30 survival)

Explosive types:

Homemade Frag Grenade
Ingredients: 50 rifle powder, 12 Legion Denarius, Turpentine, Tin Can
Requirements: 40 explosives, Workbench
The explosive mixture of rifle powder and turpentine has enough power send its payload of metal coins into anyone unlucky to be caught in the blast at lethal velocity.

Homemade Incendiary Grenade
Ingredients: 30 flamer fuel, Wonderglue, Abraxo cleaner, Tin can
Requirements: 50 explosives, Workbench
Slow burning flamer fuel added to the mixture of Abraxo cleaner and Wonderglue creates an explosive cloud of flame that clings to those within and continues burning. An unpleasant way to go, to be sure.

Unstable Microfusion Cell
Ingredients: 24 Overcharged Microfusion cells, Nuka-Cola
Requirements: 60 explosives, Demolitions Expert, Workbench
Being an expert of all things explosive, you have discovered the exact right amount of sugary Nuka-Cola to add to an overcharged Microfusion battery in order to cause it to violently explode on contact (and not in your face!). Explodes on impact.

Homemade Pipe Bomb
Ingredients: Lead Pipe, 2 Dynamites, 100 BB's, 200 Pistol powder (makes 2 Pipe bombs)
Requirements: 70 explosives, Demolitions Expert, Workbench
Deceptively simple looking, this explosive is a marvel of improvised explosives. A stick of high power dynamite, infused with extra powder and steel BB's, is placed inside a lead pipe, giving extra killing power. While extremely deadly, these explosives are heavier than most.

Homemade Multiblast Grenade
Ingredients: 1 Absinthe, 1 Nuka Cola Quartz, 1 Turpentine, 10 Flamer Fuel
Requirements: 75 explosives, Demolitions Expert, Workbench
The pinnacle of thrown explosives, this mix of standard explosives with exotic and unknown chemicals creates a blast of flame so intense most organic enemies are killed instantly. The extremely high temperature of the blast can even severely damage robots and powered armored foes.

Improvised Pulse Grenade
Ingredients: Fission Battery, Scrap electronics, 20 Electron Charge packs
Requirements: 45 Science, Workbench
An overcharged fission batter rigged to explode on contact. The high voltage (but low amp) electrical blast is merely painful to humans, but can turn electronics into worthless scrap.

Homemade Concussion Grenade
Ingredients: Box of Detergent, Duct Tape, 2 Scrap Metal, 150 Pistol Powder (makes 2 Concussion grenades)
Requirements: 35 Explosives, Workbench
A lightweight grenade made from a highly explosive mixture of gunpowder and detergent, wrapped tightly in duct tape and housed in a cheap metal grenade. This grenade doesn't have much lethal power, but it's sure to knock anyone nearby on their ass.

Stun Grenade
Ingredients: Tin Plate, Dynamite, 4 White Horsenettle
Requirements: 50 explosives, Demolitions Expert, Workbench
A stun grenade with high pressure powder and a mild toxin, this grenade can cause serious head trauma and damages an enemy's ability to use weaponry temporarily.

Toaster Mine
Ingredients: Toaster, 48 Small Energy Cells, 20 Electron Charge Pack, Scrap Electronics, Sensor Module
Requirements: 60 Explosives, Demolitions Expert, Workbench
The Toaster Mine is created by adding multiple types of energy storage and scrap electronic parts to modify the heating elements and pre-war electronics of a standard toaster. A sensor module detects enemy proximity, triggering a powerful plasma explosion.

Teddy Bomb (Incomplete, model not working correctly)
Ingredients: Teddy Bear, Sensor Module, 6 Dynamite, Leather Belt
Requirements: 70 Explosives , Demolitions Expert, Workbench
A bomb vest strapped to a teddy bear, wearing sunglasses. How much more awesome can explosives get?

Briefcase Nuke
Ingredients: 4 tin plates, 3 Scrap Electronics, 40 Microfusion Cells, Pilot Light, Conductor, Laser Pistol, Isotope 239 (made with 3 rocket souvenirs)
Requirements: 85 Explosives(50 Science for Isotope 239), Demolitions Expert, Workbench
Your skill in science and explosives allows the creation of a powerful miniature nuclear without traditional fissionable materials like uranium or plutonium. An extremely powerful explosive, it uses an overcharged military laser to cause a nuclear reaction in the radioactive Isotope 239 Igniting Agent.

Survival Types:

Pepper Powder Bag
Ingredients: 5 Jalapeno Peppers, 2 Radscorpion Poison Gland, 2 Ant Nectar, Cazador Poison Gland, Flour (makes 2 Powder bags)
Requirements: 55 Survival, Campfire
A potent mix of spicy peppers and natural poisons, mixed with a finely ground flour to allow easy dispersal. This powder bag can disorient or even temporarily cripple an enemy.

Fire Bottle
Ingredients: Whiskey, Scotch, Vodka, Turpentine, 2 Fire Gecko Hides, 2 12 gauge shotgun shells (makes 2 fire bottles)
Requirements: 65 Survival, Campfire
A volatile mixture of alcohols and turpentine is mixed with fat rendered from the hide of Fire geckos, which is just flame resistant enough to stick to an enemy for a while before being consumed in the raging inferno. The mixture is ignited with a simple shotgun shell.

Elixer of Paralysis
Ingredients: Centaur Blood, Whiskey, 2 Xander Root
Requirements: 55 Survival, Campfire
A bottle of mutagenic neurotoxin, this deadly liquid can cause muscles to lock up causing temporary paralysis, and can be absorbed through a victim's skin.

Poison Bottle
Ingredients: Cazador Poison Gland, Bark Scorpion Poison Gland, 2 White Horsenettle
Requirements: 65 Survival, Campfire
A deadly poison contained in a primitive clay bottle. Very deadly to people or animals on contact with exposed skin. Only the most hardy creatures can survive this fast acting poison.

Rage of the Demon (Incomplete, effects not yet working)
Ingredients: Night Stalker Blood, Mantis Egg, Radscorpion Venom, 2 Coyote Tobacco Leaves
Requirements: 70 Survival, Campfire
(Not yet working) This powerful hallucinogen confuses and enrages anyone caught in its blast, causing them to attack the closest living creature with extreme ferocity.


KNOWN BUGS: The fire bottle is placed correctly in first person, but clips through the hand in third person. I'm not sure what's going wrong there.

Teddy grenade model doesn't have working physics. The teddy bear's havok model is too complicated for me to fix so I think I'm done trying to fix it. I left it in just because it looks cool, and if anyone thinks they can help fix it let me know.

Rage of the Demon is supposed to cause enemies to frenzy, but it's currently not working. I didn't want to delete it though but I recommend not using it.

Thanks to chucksteel for your help with Havok physics.

COMING EVENTUALLY (hopefully):improved Multiblast model/skin (I know it's ugly, it's a placeholder), working Rage of the Demon, Fear Grenade.

Keep in mind this is my first mod, if there's something wrong let me know!

If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them. I'd like to add more explosives also, if anyone has any recommendations.

To install, just unzip into your data folder and activate Homemade Grenades data file.